Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Highlights

*I wish I had pictures of our fabulous weekend to show but Akala, our Great Dane puppy, chewed up my USB camera cord. It was special. It's okay I much prefer to look at my pictures on the camera screen anyway.

*I wrestled Cocoa the goat to the ground and felt strangely barbaric and wonderful all at the same time. He should learn not to mess with me. Have you ever tried to wrestle a mad goat to the ground? It's a good workout.

*Made my house smell like a greasy spoon diner in an attempt to make Pioneer Woman's Onion Strings. Totally totally worth it. What about the Biggest Loser Boot Camp you might ask? What about it? Maybe you should mind your own business!!! :) It was in the name of science as I had never attempted to make Onion Strings before. Experiment was very successful.

*Enjoyed a trip to the grocery store without kids! And much to my delight and surprise the Oscar Meyer WeinerMobile was there. Even though I didn't have any children with me that did not stop me from a) getting a tour of the inside (AWESOME) b) taking a picture of it and c) getting my very own glow in the dark Weiner Whistle. I told the kids that I would be using the weiner whistle the next time I take them to the mall to keep them in line, you know kinda like a drill sergeant. So if you hear a shrill whistle next time you're at the mall look for me. I've also decided my next vehicle is going to be a WeinerMobile. What kind of gas mileage do you think they get?

*Got dressed up in my boring Carhartts with pink accessories and went sledding. Redneck sledding that is. We hook a 6 1/2 foot rescue toboggan to the back of the four wheeler and then GI Joe drives us all over the back 40. I may or may not have screamed like a 5 year old girl. Did you know frozen cowpies make very painful speedbumps? Like I said I'm here to educate and inform you.

*Old Navy proved it's undying love for me by having my favorite 50% off CLEARANCE prices sale. I love you too Old Navy and nothing makes me happier than $1.75 shirts and $4.99 pants.

*Cried twice at the kid's movie Hotel for Dogs. Not like Marley movie sobbing but quiet crying. Seriously what is wrong with me? It was a great movie that far exceeded my expectations and the kids LOVED it.

*GI Joe received his long awaited and well deserved military promotion to Sargeant First Class on Friday. Don't worry I'm still the General round these parts.

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE your posts!! I look forward to reading know you can turn these into books~just may be a BEST SELLER on your hands??