Friday, January 30, 2009

Peacocks, Parking, & Mike Seaver

Peacocks-I regret to inform you that the Peacock Crossing sign was not put up soon enough and Pete the Peacock had an unfortunate run in with an obviously blind driver, who didn't see the huge brightly colored bird standing in the middle of the road. We may have to reorder the Peacock Crossing sign in Braille, I guess. We believe Pete was suffering from depression as Jasmine, the female peacock seems to have paired up with the other male peacock, Aladdin, leaving Pete odd man out. This may have attributed to his fatal accident. It was a sad day at the Koons Zoo for sure. Pete was a beauty and he will be missed. We did what any grief stricken family would do after the untimely passing of their pet peacock. We gathered round him, shed a few tears (seriously, we get attached!), said a few kind words, and then plucked out his prettiest feathers to put in a vase in the house.
RIP Pete.

Parking-I had to stop by the mall this evening on my way home from work and happened upon a "rock star" parking space but it was a parallel parking space, uh oh. Not an easy feat when you're driving a bus, but I was up for the challenge. Here is a picture of my remarkable parking job. Please do not attempt this as I am a professional, trained driver.
(I'm the White Volkswagen. Kidding, I'm the one behind it)

So as you can see my parallel parking attempt was successful until I came out and got a fresh look at it. Oh my goodness! I was so embarrassed. Actually, I wasn't embarrassed until I whipped out my camera and starting photo documenting my parking skills and then noticed the small crowd of people pointing and laughing. I did manage to get out of the parking space without any significant damage to the car in front or behind me which was nothing short of a miracle. How did I ever pass driver's ed? Oh I remember, because they didn't want to deal with me another year and because every time we used the simulator I got confused and called it the stimulator and made everyone giggle. I think they may have just wanted me out of there?!? It definitely paid off I am a fantastic driver.

Mike Seaver-We just watched "Fireproof". And can I just say that Kirk Cameron aka Mike Seaver is every bit as dreamy as he was on Growing Pains? GI Joe really appreciated the ongoing commentary I provided throughout this very touching movie. And the fact that Kirk made a promise to his real life wife to never kiss another woman, even in movies, so in this movie when there was a kiss it was actually his wife standing in, makes me heart him even more. It's okay GI Joe understands.

And on that note I'm off to prepare for a very exciting weekend that is sure to be filled with blog material. Stay tuned!

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