Monday, January 12, 2009

A Short One (No Pun Intended)

Overheard by me after Blade got out of the shower and Dakota walked in the bathroom.
Dakota: "Whoa Blade, I see your hot dog and buns!"
Blade: "MOMMY...Dakota is looking at my hot dog and buns!"
And scene. (Editor's note: We do not refer to the anatomy in question as any type of food.)

In other news, if I am unable to blog for the next 6 weeks it is due to the Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD kicking my booty and making me so sore I am unable to type, walk, or breathe. Note to self: It is no fun working out with GI Joe, he laughs at my coordination. Whatev. :) I'm going to go sulk over some Oreos and milk.

Lastly, losing one's cell phone in snowbank is not fun, especially the week of not one but 2 possible winter storms and given my winter driving skills, or lack thereof.

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