Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Frog Days of Summer

It's finally starting to feel like summer and I couldn't be happier. Except for one minor problem. I had forgotten that when it gets warmer the amphibians are out in full force. And when there are frogs and toads to be found my kids will find them and then torture me with them.

Fun Fact that I just learned today: The difference between frogs and toads? Toads are bumpy (and gross) and frogs are slimy and smooth (and also gross). You probably knew that, but having the sheltered childhood that I had, I did not know that.
L-R: Frog, Toad. I'm sorry, welcome to my world.

Ryder found a wart covered toad today and just had to show me. I took the obligatory picture of my frog catching boy (using the zoom lens I might add) and all was fine and good in the world. Until it leaped out of his hands and starting hopping toward me causing me to run around the yard screaming like a little girl. I should know by now to never let them sense your fear as that just catapulted the events to catastrophic levels. Meaning, Ryder caught Mr. Toad again and began CHASING ME AROUND THE YARD. I was terrified. The reasonable thing would've been to calmly look my fear of amphibians in the eyes and reach out and pet it, proving to Ryder that you can't scare this tough, country mama with a toad. Except that I'm not known for being reasonable, calm, or tough NOR will I ever lay a hand on one of those nasty things. I just went into convulsions typing that. Ewwwww..
If he weren't so adorable (minus the amphibians) I probably would've had to disown him for this little incident.
Speaking of convulsions, I had another spell of them today. I was sent into a fit of them when as I was backing out of the driveway in GI Joe's truck when he came walking towards me. I thought that he wanted to whisper sweet nothings in my ear and tell me goodbye so I rolled down the window. When I rolled down the window, my husband, the one who VOWED to love, honor, cherish, and PROTECT me did the unthinkable. HE THREW A LIVE TOAD IN THRU THE OPEN WINDOW OF HIS TRUCK AS I WAS SITTING IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT!!! The disgusting thing was hopping around on the floorboard at my feet and I think it may have touched me but I'm trying to erase that from my memory. I took my feet off the brake and went into the fetal position, screaming like a banshee. Then I decided I was bailing so I opened the truck door and was making my way out of the truck. I didn't notice that the truck was lurching forward heading towards a) the dogs b) the house c) maybe some small children. GI Joe was laughing so hard he could barely breathe but he managed to squeak out that I needed to stop the truck. Thankfully, the toad hopped out when I opened the door, but I will forever be scarred.
I"m suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome as we speak which may require medicinal brandy, I'm just sayin'. And if he hadn't just bought me a really great birthday present that I will finally receive on Friday, I might be single right now. Well, that and he is pretty cute (when he's not holding a toad). He claims he was just sharing the loveliness of nature and God's creations with me. Whatever dude, next time just take a picture to show me. :)
This may come as a shock but neither Ryder's or GI Joe's toad intervention aka attempt to cure me of my amphibian fears were successful. Hard to believe that chasing someone with something they are terrified of didn't work?!? Weird.
Thankfully, this princess didn't have to kiss any frogs (or toads) before finding my prince. That same prince who is in the froghouse for the next few days for that little prank.
And the frog days of summer begin.....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Shining Example.....

that GI Joe and I are exceptional parents. Of course you already knew this if you’ve read this blog for any length of time. If not just randomly click on any of the archived entries and I'm sure you'll find your proof.

Dakota, our 10 year old, still wholeheartedly believes in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy (what?!? They ARE real!). We do our best to keep the magic going for her when it comes to such matters by doing things like telling her the kids in her class who don’t “believe” must live a very sad, sorry existence since obviously Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy won’t visit those who don’t believe and anyone who argues is a crackhead. Example #205689 that we are excellent parents.

Dakota lost a tooth last Friday morning. Friday, the same day that she and I were St Louis bound. I convinced her to leave the tooth under her pillow at home because I was afraid it would get lost in transit and also that the tooth fairy wouldn’t be able to locate her in St Louis. She begrudgingly agreed and placed her tooth under her pillow in a baggie on which she wrote, “Dear Tooth Fairy, If you could leave $38.00 instead of the usual $1 that would be greatly appreciated. FYI, my adult tooth is already coming in where I lost this one and I have another tooth very loose. Sincerely, Dakota A. Kxxxxx”. That’s right she made a $38.00 demand on the tooth fairy! What is it with kids these days? Back in my day I was lucky to score 50 cents from the tooth fairy and these days the LOW bid is $1.00! What is this world coming to?

When we returned home from our girls weekend on Sunday, she went right to her room, eagerly anticipating the Tooth Fairy’s deposit. Unfortunately, the Tooth Fairy hadn’t visited. We chalked it up to the Tooth Fairy being confused as to Dakota’s whereabouts..should she leave it at her house or should she drop it off in ST Louis ? Oh the dilemmas the Tooth Fairy must’ve faced. The next night Dakota went to bed confident the surely the TF would find her now that all was back to normal and she was safe and snug in her own bed. Ummm, not so much. The next morning Dakota moped out of her room and reported that the TF had not made a stop. GI Joe and I looked at each other with that "I thought you were "taking care" of the Tooth Fairy?!?" We vowed that we would get in touch with the tooth fairy and make sure she visited the next night...except that we forgot...again...and again...and 5 times again. Seriously what is wrong with us?!? Every morning it was the same thing, our memory was jogged only by Dakota losing a little bit of faith in the Tooth Fairy every.single.morning. Oops. Finally, we decided it was time to redeem ourselves, I mean the Tooth Fairy, so we told Dakota that maybe we'd tell the Tooth Fairy she could break the rules and come while Dakota was at school until waiting til nighttime. She was all for it. Now I'll let you in on a lil' secret, we told her that because we figured we'd be less apt to forget to ahem, talk to the TF, if we did it as soon as Dakota left for school. I left for work and Dakota left for school, leaving GI Joe in charge of "talking to the TF".

By this time, 5 days had passed, so we knew that the TF had to offer some type of explanation for our inquisitive, yet trusting daughter.
Here is the note that the Tooth Fairy left under Dakota's pillow at approximately 8am last Wednesday morning.

Dear Dakota,
I am sooo sorry that it took a long time for me to pay you for your tooth. I have been very busy in Tennessee. Since the flooding a lot of children have lost a lot of teeth. Now that is under control I can get back to making my normal rounds. I have been collecting teeth day and night, I am very tired. I hope that $2.00 will make up for being late. Signed, the Tooth Fairy.

Did the Tooth Fairy really just blame her incompetent, untimely delivery on the FLOODING IN TENNESSEE? Yes, yes she did. Has she no shame? Apparently not.
When Dakota got home from school and found the treasure and the note she had a few questions.
Q: Why would the floods make the Tooth Fairy busier?
My Answer on behalf of the TF: Well, because alot of kids in TN had to get out of their houses very quickly because they were being flooded. They might not have had time to get their tooth from under their pillow, so the tooth fairy had to go to their flooded house to get the tooth then go to where the kid was staying and give them the $ for their tooth. It really made a lot of extra trips for the Tooth Fairy. Poor girl.

Q: Why does the Tooth Fairy's handwriting look exactly like Santa's when he leaves a note by the cookies and milk every Christmas?
My Answer on Behalf of TF & Santa: Because remember how in the movie "The Tooth Fairy" they all went to the same school? Since the TF and Santa went to the same school they learned how to write the same just like you and the kids in your class learned the same kind of cursive.

Q: Did the Tooth Fairy go past Hilary and Bryan's house since she spent so much time in TN?
My Answer on Behalf of TF: I'm sure she did, maybe she even did a fly thru, hard to say, that Tooth Fairy is a sneaky one.

Dakota: I hope the Tooth Fairy does a better job when I lose my next tooth.
Me: I'm sure she will now that the flooding in TN is under control, unless of course there's a hurricane or tornado or something.

The good news is that she still believes in "the magic". The bad news is that GI Joe and I won't be giving up the title of Worst Parents of the Year indefinitely. Sometimes the tooth is hard to handle. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Birthday Week

As you may have deduced by now, I'm a bit high maintenance. That is probably a huge shock to many of you but it's true, I am but at least I own it! Never is this more apparent than near my birthday. I don't just celebrate (and force others to honor) just the day I was born, oh no, I declare it my birthday month, week, etc. Then with Mother's Day thrown in for good measure, let's just say it's a trying time for GI Joe. And by May 15th if he hears "but it's my BIRTHDAY week, month, etc" one more time he may or may not have a mental breakdown.

This year in light of the recent economy, budget cuts, etc I decided to downsize from birthday month to birthday week. I'm a real giver like that. I worked like crazy the first weekend in May so that the following weekend (my birthday weekend) I could just kick back and be pampered.

I coasted thru Monday thru Thursday of my birthday week with only the occasional mention of my birthday. But Friday, it was officially my birthday weekend and time to start wearing my birthday princess crown. Friday night, we celebrated with friends by eating chips and salsa, playing laser tag, and singing karaoke. It was awesome. Also of note, I BEAT McDreamy in laser tag like by a lot. So what if GI Joe, Annette, and Cindy beat me? The important thing here is that I BEAT McDreamy and I rubbed it in...a lot. Then Annette and I sang "Hangin' Tough" complete w/ dance moves and the evening was complete. Admittedly, it didn't sound QUITE as good as it does in the car but whatev, people LOVED it. Well, except for everyone we were with, but they're just jealous. Speaking of New Kids, Doug gave me one of the best presents EVER. A shirt that has a picture of my beloved Jordan Knight and says Boyfriend on it. I heart this shirt. In fact I changed into it right away even though my earrings and shoes didn't match (OH THE TRAVESTY!!!). Isn't it cute?
No, you can't borrow it.
Since Mother's Day fell within my birthday weekend, we had to do some Mother's Day celebrating as well. Let it be known that GI Joe has been made well aware that under NO circumstances is my birthday to be lumped in w/ Mother's Day, unless preapproval is granted..ex: he books a cruise as my Mother's Day/birthday present=ok, otherwise NOT ok.
Saturday morning, Dakota and I enjoyed some nice girl time, breakfast, and shopping with my mother in law and my friend Trisha and her mother in law. Good food, good times. After that the crazy hit. Fun fact about me: Since my mom died in 1999, I really REALLY dislike Mother's Day and typically at some point have a bit of a meltdown. Now, don't go telling me I should still enjoy Mother's Day since I have children of my own and blah blah blah because as much as I love them and am thankful to be their mom, it doesn't erase what I'm missing. Mother's Day is like salt in a partially healed wound, just reopens it and makes it hurt all the more. Thanks world, for reminding me that I don't have a Mom to buy a card for or to take on a Mother/Daughter outing, I had totally forgotten (not). Don't get me wrong, I have an amazing mother in law and stepmom who love me like I'm their own but it's just not the same you know? Hopefully, you don't know and never have to know but trust me on this one it SUCKS. OK, wow sorry that got a little heavy I'm just keeping it real here. Anyway, the meltdown occurred Saturday afternoon and all I can say is I have the best husband in the world. While we were out gallavanting on the town, he and the boys were home doing 10 loads of laundry and cleaning the house from top to bottom. And when I came home suffering from my minor meltdown he didn't try to fix it or tell me to suck it up, even though it was quite obvious his wife had lost her marbles. Instead he hugged me and then said, "I'm just gonna go back to mopping now!" Ummm how awesome is that?!? :) The giant chocolate dipped strawberries that he had ordered and had delivered to me on Saturday (for Mother's Day) didn't hurt either. I got over my meltdown and we were able to resume life as normal, whatever that is around here. Oh wait, did I mention my lamb died on Saturday? Yeah it did, our 3 day old lamb that I was madly in love with. Do you see why I was prone to a meltdown?!?
Sunday, the dreaded Mother's Day came and I have to say it was actually a really, really good day. And for the first time in a long time I wasn't a mess on Mother's Day. Glad I got that out of the way on Saturday! GI Joe and the kids showered me with cards and presents and then GI Joe prepared a Mother's DAy feast for his mom and I, well and the rest of our family too. He's pretty much a Renaissance man.
Then I woke up on Monday, 32 years old!! How did that happen? It was a great day in which I ate a Reese's for breakfast, sushi w/ my husband for lunch, and then we prepared a gourmet meal for dinner and I got to do NOTHING all night. It was delightful. The icing on the cake was, well the icing FROM the cake. A whole bowl full of it complete with candle. I'm not much of a cake person, I much prefer the frosting, especially homemade with (gasp!) CRISCO, so it was perfect and PINK.
And now I'm off to wrap up my birthday week with a Girls Weekend w/ Dakota, all 4 of my sisters, and my stepmom in St. Louis. They are so excited that they too get to pamper me and bestow all of their attention on me.
I think 32 has humbled me considerably.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Next 30 Years

Today is my birthday...my 32nd birthday. In some ways I feel light years older than that, but in other ways I feel like I'm still a sassy teenager. I hope that never changes.

I typed this list out on my 30th birthday after years of carrying around a list in my wallet. It's my bucket list if you will. Let's see if I've made any progress in 2 years and also what's left to do.

Obviously, I am not limited to these 30, it's just a start and I want to allow room for spontaneity. Keep in mind they are in totally random order.

1) Eat at 801 Grand. Just to see what all the fuss is about. I hear they have a great deal on Sunday nights, that's totally when we'll do it as I will forever be a cheapskate.

2) Own a convertible (again).

3) Drive a motorcycle. Growing up I always told my parents that when I turned 18 I was going to get a tattoo and a motorcycle. Got the tat, but GI Joe thinks that a bike is a very bad idea given my driving skills and the fact that we live on gravel. Sigh. Guess a 4 wheeler will have to do for now. *Update: I am wearing him down. Now it's "we'll get one AFTER the kids are out of the house..." Not sure why we have to wait that long unless he's concerned about them being orphaned but at least there's hope.

4) Finish at least one scrapbook per kid, even if it is only birth thru 3 months as long as it's one whole scrapbook. I love to do this it's just allowing myself the time to do it. Beyond that just to get all the millions of pictures I've taken printed and into albums. *Update: Ummm not so much on this except that I've taken another 7 million pictures in the past 2 years and done something with approximately 25 of them. Obviously, it's still a work in progress.

5) Bungee jump at an accredited place, no carney business.

6) White water rafting, not the kind that kills people, just the kind that thrills in a non threatening way.

7) Swim with dolphins.

8) Go on a beach vacation with just Justin. We did this for our honeymoon but c'mon that was AGES ago, we're due for another. (Done 2/14/09- Puerto Rico! And it was glorious. I'm leaving this on the bucket list because I want an encore.

9) Girls only weekend with sistas and Evie. *Update: Happening THIS weekend, for the first time in our history AND no funerals are involved...SWEET.
10) Road trip with girlfriends. (Done-3/07 to Nashville, but definitely worth repeating)

11) To attend CMA Fest in Nashville at least once in my lifetime.

12) Attend a taping of a TV show.

13) Skydive. *Update-This is going to happen this summer. Imagine the blog material.

14) Get my ears pierced and overcome the curse of Grandma Arnold. I've had my ears pierced numerous times growing up but everytime they either got infected or closed up, I blame my Grandma who always said earrings were for pigs???. Seriously.....(Done-5/3/08-so far so good).

15) Own a zebra or at the very least a zedonk who shall be named Honky Tonk ZeDonk a Donk.

16) Meet Billy Currington, Jason Aldean, Trace Adkins, George Strait, Kenny Chesney and any of my other faves. (Done enough-met Jason 10/07, 6/08, Keith Anderson 7/08, BILLY 9/08! I've met my absolute faves now anyone else I get to meet after them is just gravy!) *Update: I've met even more since this list and some a couple more times. It's good to be a groupie!

17) Eat chips and salsa at a dive in Mexico. I've been to Mexico but not for vacation and sadly I don't remember eating chips and salsa.

18) Help my daughter plan the most perfect and unique ever...when she's 42.

19) Be a waitress. Why on earth did I choose to work at HyVee and Casey's during high school instead of waitressing? I'll never know, but someday I'm going to give it a try. I would rock!

20) Write a letter to the people who have had very important roles throughout my life and actually mail it.

21) Actually making a business of my petting zoo obsession complete with birthday barn. This would justify 15.

22) Say no to PTA Ugg moms when being guilted into helping with some lame school event AND not feel guilty about it. (Step 1-DONE 9/08 The PTA volunteer form came home this year and instead of grudgingly checking the event I would volunteer for that I felt would be least painful, I wadded it up and threw them away. Man, that felt good. I am total slacker mom this year and proud of it. I will bake treats for a holiday party but that is where it ends.) *Update-still doing it they don't call me "Worst Mother of the Year" for nothin'!

23) See Grease on Broadway, OK realistically I would settle for the Civic Center.

24) Make creme brulee at home.

25) Never miss a single day of telling my husband and kids that I love them, even when they drive me nuts, or when the kids are grown and out of the house. I'll be the nightmare MIL who calls every day. I'll be sure to warn the future spouses.

26) Hot air balloon ride. (Totally counting on Cheri to make this happen, she knows people.)

27) Vacation in a beach house in Maine. (Kinda done 8/7/08, vacationed at a beach cottage in Hawaii, which to me is way better!)

28) Go on at least a half day horseback ride complete with picnic lunch. You would think that having 6 horses at my disposable would make this easily attainable but not so much.

29) Go to Cedar Point, OH and ride the acclaimed "best" roller coaster in the world. (Kinda done 7/09-Not at Cedar Point but we did ride 3 other "best roller coasters in the world" at Busch Gardens. LOVED IT!"

30) Hike to a waterfall tucked away in the side of a mountain in Hawaii. (Done 8/8/08-Waimea Falls Oahu, HI, funny story though due to lack of rainfall the waterfall was a mere trickle but we swam in the freshwater pool below the trickle so I'm counting it. It was still gorgeous.)

31) Go to one of those murder mystery bed and breakfast places. I don't know about actually stayinig at the bed and breakfast ( I have issues with that which we will not discuss here) but I do at least want to do the murder mystery dinner part.

32) Visit all 49 states before the kids graduate from high school. I say 49 because I have no desire to go to Alaska yet, I like it warm, people. Someday when GI Joe and I are older and the swimming suits and trunks are a thing of the past, THEN we'll go to Alaska. *Update-We're doing really good on this one. I've been to 38 states and the kids have been to 29. After this summer's National LamKoons vacation we'll be putting an even bigger dent in that number. Favorite state so far? Hawaii...duh. :)

Clearly, even at a much younger age of 30 I couldn't count, and thus ended up with 32 things on my 30 Things to Do Before I Die List. How fitting for this birthday.

And now I'm off to polish my Birthday Princess crown and eat cupcakes. Hopefully, my calf w/ a pretty pink bow on it will be delivered later.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Memoirs

In light of Mother's Day I gave the hillbilly children the following questionaire to fill out. The answers are..insightful. This will be a two parter so as not to bore you to tears all at once.

Q: What is something that your mom always says to you?
A: Check your attitude. (For some reason, when I say this even when they are copping an attitude they can't help but laugh, and I like how it sounds so...so ghetto, which of course I love.

Q: What makes your mom happy?
A: Pink stuff. (DING DING we have a winner.)

Q: What makes your mom sad?
A: Animals dying, people in our family dying, when we yell at her (I hate that we've had so many experiences with the first 2 in their young lives.)

Q: What was your mom like as a kid?
A: A scaredy cat. (What are they talking about?!? I'm a tough farm girl.)

Q: How old is your mom?
A: 30 (Maybe I'll stay 30 forever in their minds.....)

Q: How tall is your mom?
A: Ryder said 5 feet tall, Blade said 5'9"..Blade wins.

Q: What does your mom like to do?
A: Make us happy. (Awwww...that's part of my job responsibilites as Worst Mother of the Year.

Q: What does your mom do when you're not around?
A: Eat sushi.

Q: If your mom were famous, what would it be for?
A: Being a fashion designer or singing.

Q: What is your mom good at?
A: Cooking and shopping, being a queen of everything, making lots of friends, but she's definitely NOT good at football. (I kinda love them...queen of everything?...be still my heart)

Q: What is something your mom is NOT good at?
A: Football (I think you've already mentioned this one...way to kick me while I'm down!), making grilled cheese sandwiches without cheating and using her sandwich maker (so I can cook extravagant, exotic meals from scratch but heaven forbid I burn the occasional grilled cheese sandwich!), driving on icy roads (ouch....)

Q: What cartoon character does your mom remind you of?
A: Miss Piggy because of her attitude. (I'm glad they clarified that the resemblance was in attitude and not appearance. Recently, they were watching The Muppets with GI Joe and Miss PIggy was being especially sassy and diva like and they all burst out laughing because apparently it sounded like something I would say or how I would act. Whatever peeps.

Q: What is your mom's favorite food?
A: Sushi, cherry dip ice cream cones, chips and salsa (They know me so well...)

Q: What makes you proud of your mom?
A: How she's a good singer, how she always takes us to wrestling practice and comes to our games and tournaments, and how she wants to take us to all the states.

To be continued......

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Pretty Awesome When......

*after months of searching I finally found the refrigerator we wanted on major sale (most important..obviously) but wrongly assumed that all side by side fridges are the same width. Ummm not so much, by like 3 unforgiving inches. Luckily, we caught the error of my ways BEFORE the fridge came in so we were able to cancel fatty fridge and order one that does fit with no penalty. And the new non-fatty fridge is just as awesome.

*the entire Tupperware container full of Kosher Salt comes up missing and you later find the empty remains of the Tupperware sans salt. Three suspects are in custody and have been questioned but are denying all allegations. I have a sneaking suspicion that the suspects, in a collaborative effort, dumped the kosher salt in the pond in attempts to create their own salt water habitat. I caught them online shopping for dolphins shortly thereafter.

*we finally got our first foster Great Dane through the Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue and she took off twice in one day on a 300 acre pasture run. The first time GI Joe hopped on the 4 wheeler and lassoed her, that’s right picture it with me, he LASSOED her and brought her home. The second time he wasn’t home and I couldn’t find the 4 wheeler keys, so the kids and I set out on foot for the Wild Great Dane Chase of 2010. I was already planning the phone call to the Foster Family coordinator explaining that on our first “foster assignment” we LOST said foster dog. Pretty sure that would be a big time foster family FAIL. Luckily, after about 30 minutes of pasture play, I just sat down a) because I was exasperated and tired…HELLO 300 acres. b) because I figured if I was lower than her she wouldn’t find me threatening. Plan worked and she walked right over to me and then huffed, puffed and acted exhausted on the trek home. Welcome to the club.

*I spent a majority of my Saturday getting blisters and a farmer’s tan. Round 3 for the garden. More on that once my blisters heal. Also, I think this makes me a REAL farm girl now. Blisters + farmers tan=FARM GIRL.

*GI Joe had to write an introduction of himself for a class he’s taking in which he mentioned that he had a little hobby farm. When his classmates inquired as to what he had on his hobby farm he listed out the animals and they asked why in the world he had such things. His response, “I married a city girl, brought her out to the country, and she started “collecting”.” They then asked him if his wife was still a city girl to which he replied, “Oh no she’s definitely a country girl now. She’s not afraid to get dirty and do chores but she’s very VERY pampered, out here she’s known as the Prairie Princess.” Oh how this made me giggle, as it did his classmates too.

*speaking of farms, it was a monumental moment when I gathered the entire family outside and instructed them to take a big whiff. They’ve learned to just go with it and ask questions later so they did. Then I exclaimed proudly, “Do you smell that?!? IT SMELLS LIKE A REAL FARM!!! WE’RE REAL FARMERS!!!!” Oddly enough, they just shook their heads and rolled their eyes at me. HOWEVER, just a few days later they had me come outside and do the same thing and then said, “Mommy IT SMELLS LIKE CHERI’S HOUSE OUT HERE!!!”, which basically means we are real farmers. My dear friend Cheri’s folks have a large, real live, cattle farm and it REALLY smells like a farm. We went to visit her last summer and that’s the memory that stuck with the kids the most…the aroma. So basically I feel like I need to start wearing a seed cap and overalls, oh and I want a combine for my birthday.

*GI Joe rented the movie “Hachi”
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1028532/ for us to watch on PMP (Popcorn Movie Pajama) Night last week and as soon as it was over the kids immediately said, “Oh NO..now SHE’S GONNA WANT AN AKITA! You shouldn’t have rented that movie Daddy.” Oh how well they know me. GREAT movie and Mark.My.Words. I WILL have an Akita named Hachi someday, oh yes I will.

*Annette, Doug and I went to see the Kenny Chesney Summer in 3D movie
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1545098/ in the theater last week. Of course we acted like mature adults and sat quietly watching the movie…or NOT. To us, we were at a CONCERT so clearly we were in full on concert mode. Full on concert mode includes but is not limited to the following: picture taking, providing ongoing commentary and at times somewhat inappropriate comments regarding Kenny’s _________ in 3D (Ahem….I won’t mention names but you know who you are), hooping and hollering, singing along loudly, and performing our astute dance moves. I have never had so much fun in a movie theater, well except that one time in high school…..JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

*I blog more than once a week. Here’s hopin’!!!