Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Memoirs

In light of Mother's Day I gave the hillbilly children the following questionaire to fill out. The answers are..insightful. This will be a two parter so as not to bore you to tears all at once.

Q: What is something that your mom always says to you?
A: Check your attitude. (For some reason, when I say this even when they are copping an attitude they can't help but laugh, and I like how it sounds ghetto, which of course I love.

Q: What makes your mom happy?
A: Pink stuff. (DING DING we have a winner.)

Q: What makes your mom sad?
A: Animals dying, people in our family dying, when we yell at her (I hate that we've had so many experiences with the first 2 in their young lives.)

Q: What was your mom like as a kid?
A: A scaredy cat. (What are they talking about?!? I'm a tough farm girl.)

Q: How old is your mom?
A: 30 (Maybe I'll stay 30 forever in their minds.....)

Q: How tall is your mom?
A: Ryder said 5 feet tall, Blade said 5'9"..Blade wins.

Q: What does your mom like to do?
A: Make us happy. (Awwww...that's part of my job responsibilites as Worst Mother of the Year.

Q: What does your mom do when you're not around?
A: Eat sushi.

Q: If your mom were famous, what would it be for?
A: Being a fashion designer or singing.

Q: What is your mom good at?
A: Cooking and shopping, being a queen of everything, making lots of friends, but she's definitely NOT good at football. (I kinda love them...queen of everything? still my heart)

Q: What is something your mom is NOT good at?
A: Football (I think you've already mentioned this one...way to kick me while I'm down!), making grilled cheese sandwiches without cheating and using her sandwich maker (so I can cook extravagant, exotic meals from scratch but heaven forbid I burn the occasional grilled cheese sandwich!), driving on icy roads (ouch....)

Q: What cartoon character does your mom remind you of?
A: Miss Piggy because of her attitude. (I'm glad they clarified that the resemblance was in attitude and not appearance. Recently, they were watching The Muppets with GI Joe and Miss PIggy was being especially sassy and diva like and they all burst out laughing because apparently it sounded like something I would say or how I would act. Whatever peeps.

Q: What is your mom's favorite food?
A: Sushi, cherry dip ice cream cones, chips and salsa (They know me so well...)

Q: What makes you proud of your mom?
A: How she's a good singer, how she always takes us to wrestling practice and comes to our games and tournaments, and how she wants to take us to all the states.

To be continued......

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