Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Pretty Awesome When......

*after months of searching I finally found the refrigerator we wanted on major sale (most important..obviously) but wrongly assumed that all side by side fridges are the same width. Ummm not so much, by like 3 unforgiving inches. Luckily, we caught the error of my ways BEFORE the fridge came in so we were able to cancel fatty fridge and order one that does fit with no penalty. And the new non-fatty fridge is just as awesome.

*the entire Tupperware container full of Kosher Salt comes up missing and you later find the empty remains of the Tupperware sans salt. Three suspects are in custody and have been questioned but are denying all allegations. I have a sneaking suspicion that the suspects, in a collaborative effort, dumped the kosher salt in the pond in attempts to create their own salt water habitat. I caught them online shopping for dolphins shortly thereafter.

*we finally got our first foster Great Dane through the Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue and she took off twice in one day on a 300 acre pasture run. The first time GI Joe hopped on the 4 wheeler and lassoed her, that’s right picture it with me, he LASSOED her and brought her home. The second time he wasn’t home and I couldn’t find the 4 wheeler keys, so the kids and I set out on foot for the Wild Great Dane Chase of 2010. I was already planning the phone call to the Foster Family coordinator explaining that on our first “foster assignment” we LOST said foster dog. Pretty sure that would be a big time foster family FAIL. Luckily, after about 30 minutes of pasture play, I just sat down a) because I was exasperated and tired…HELLO 300 acres. b) because I figured if I was lower than her she wouldn’t find me threatening. Plan worked and she walked right over to me and then huffed, puffed and acted exhausted on the trek home. Welcome to the club.

*I spent a majority of my Saturday getting blisters and a farmer’s tan. Round 3 for the garden. More on that once my blisters heal. Also, I think this makes me a REAL farm girl now. Blisters + farmers tan=FARM GIRL.

*GI Joe had to write an introduction of himself for a class he’s taking in which he mentioned that he had a little hobby farm. When his classmates inquired as to what he had on his hobby farm he listed out the animals and they asked why in the world he had such things. His response, “I married a city girl, brought her out to the country, and she started “collecting”.” They then asked him if his wife was still a city girl to which he replied, “Oh no she’s definitely a country girl now. She’s not afraid to get dirty and do chores but she’s very VERY pampered, out here she’s known as the Prairie Princess.” Oh how this made me giggle, as it did his classmates too.

*speaking of farms, it was a monumental moment when I gathered the entire family outside and instructed them to take a big whiff. They’ve learned to just go with it and ask questions later so they did. Then I exclaimed proudly, “Do you smell that?!? IT SMELLS LIKE A REAL FARM!!! WE’RE REAL FARMERS!!!!” Oddly enough, they just shook their heads and rolled their eyes at me. HOWEVER, just a few days later they had me come outside and do the same thing and then said, “Mommy IT SMELLS LIKE CHERI’S HOUSE OUT HERE!!!”, which basically means we are real farmers. My dear friend Cheri’s folks have a large, real live, cattle farm and it REALLY smells like a farm. We went to visit her last summer and that’s the memory that stuck with the kids the most…the aroma. So basically I feel like I need to start wearing a seed cap and overalls, oh and I want a combine for my birthday.

*GI Joe rented the movie “Hachi”
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1028532/ for us to watch on PMP (Popcorn Movie Pajama) Night last week and as soon as it was over the kids immediately said, “Oh NO..now SHE’S GONNA WANT AN AKITA! You shouldn’t have rented that movie Daddy.” Oh how well they know me. GREAT movie and Mark.My.Words. I WILL have an Akita named Hachi someday, oh yes I will.

*Annette, Doug and I went to see the Kenny Chesney Summer in 3D movie
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1545098/ in the theater last week. Of course we acted like mature adults and sat quietly watching the movie…or NOT. To us, we were at a CONCERT so clearly we were in full on concert mode. Full on concert mode includes but is not limited to the following: picture taking, providing ongoing commentary and at times somewhat inappropriate comments regarding Kenny’s _________ in 3D (Ahem….I won’t mention names but you know who you are), hooping and hollering, singing along loudly, and performing our astute dance moves. I have never had so much fun in a movie theater, well except that one time in high school…..JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

*I blog more than once a week. Here’s hopin’!!!

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