Monday, May 10, 2010

My Next 30 Years

Today is my 32nd birthday. In some ways I feel light years older than that, but in other ways I feel like I'm still a sassy teenager. I hope that never changes.

I typed this list out on my 30th birthday after years of carrying around a list in my wallet. It's my bucket list if you will. Let's see if I've made any progress in 2 years and also what's left to do.

Obviously, I am not limited to these 30, it's just a start and I want to allow room for spontaneity. Keep in mind they are in totally random order.

1) Eat at 801 Grand. Just to see what all the fuss is about. I hear they have a great deal on Sunday nights, that's totally when we'll do it as I will forever be a cheapskate.

2) Own a convertible (again).

3) Drive a motorcycle. Growing up I always told my parents that when I turned 18 I was going to get a tattoo and a motorcycle. Got the tat, but GI Joe thinks that a bike is a very bad idea given my driving skills and the fact that we live on gravel. Sigh. Guess a 4 wheeler will have to do for now. *Update: I am wearing him down. Now it's "we'll get one AFTER the kids are out of the house..." Not sure why we have to wait that long unless he's concerned about them being orphaned but at least there's hope.

4) Finish at least one scrapbook per kid, even if it is only birth thru 3 months as long as it's one whole scrapbook. I love to do this it's just allowing myself the time to do it. Beyond that just to get all the millions of pictures I've taken printed and into albums. *Update: Ummm not so much on this except that I've taken another 7 million pictures in the past 2 years and done something with approximately 25 of them. Obviously, it's still a work in progress.

5) Bungee jump at an accredited place, no carney business.

6) White water rafting, not the kind that kills people, just the kind that thrills in a non threatening way.

7) Swim with dolphins.

8) Go on a beach vacation with just Justin. We did this for our honeymoon but c'mon that was AGES ago, we're due for another. (Done 2/14/09- Puerto Rico! And it was glorious. I'm leaving this on the bucket list because I want an encore.

9) Girls only weekend with sistas and Evie. *Update: Happening THIS weekend, for the first time in our history AND no funerals are involved...SWEET.
10) Road trip with girlfriends. (Done-3/07 to Nashville, but definitely worth repeating)

11) To attend CMA Fest in Nashville at least once in my lifetime.

12) Attend a taping of a TV show.

13) Skydive. *Update-This is going to happen this summer. Imagine the blog material.

14) Get my ears pierced and overcome the curse of Grandma Arnold. I've had my ears pierced numerous times growing up but everytime they either got infected or closed up, I blame my Grandma who always said earrings were for pigs???. Seriously.....(Done-5/3/08-so far so good).

15) Own a zebra or at the very least a zedonk who shall be named Honky Tonk ZeDonk a Donk.

16) Meet Billy Currington, Jason Aldean, Trace Adkins, George Strait, Kenny Chesney and any of my other faves. (Done enough-met Jason 10/07, 6/08, Keith Anderson 7/08, BILLY 9/08! I've met my absolute faves now anyone else I get to meet after them is just gravy!) *Update: I've met even more since this list and some a couple more times. It's good to be a groupie!

17) Eat chips and salsa at a dive in Mexico. I've been to Mexico but not for vacation and sadly I don't remember eating chips and salsa.

18) Help my daughter plan the most perfect and unique ever...when she's 42.

19) Be a waitress. Why on earth did I choose to work at HyVee and Casey's during high school instead of waitressing? I'll never know, but someday I'm going to give it a try. I would rock!

20) Write a letter to the people who have had very important roles throughout my life and actually mail it.

21) Actually making a business of my petting zoo obsession complete with birthday barn. This would justify 15.

22) Say no to PTA Ugg moms when being guilted into helping with some lame school event AND not feel guilty about it. (Step 1-DONE 9/08 The PTA volunteer form came home this year and instead of grudgingly checking the event I would volunteer for that I felt would be least painful, I wadded it up and threw them away. Man, that felt good. I am total slacker mom this year and proud of it. I will bake treats for a holiday party but that is where it ends.) *Update-still doing it they don't call me "Worst Mother of the Year" for nothin'!

23) See Grease on Broadway, OK realistically I would settle for the Civic Center.

24) Make creme brulee at home.

25) Never miss a single day of telling my husband and kids that I love them, even when they drive me nuts, or when the kids are grown and out of the house. I'll be the nightmare MIL who calls every day. I'll be sure to warn the future spouses.

26) Hot air balloon ride. (Totally counting on Cheri to make this happen, she knows people.)

27) Vacation in a beach house in Maine. (Kinda done 8/7/08, vacationed at a beach cottage in Hawaii, which to me is way better!)

28) Go on at least a half day horseback ride complete with picnic lunch. You would think that having 6 horses at my disposable would make this easily attainable but not so much.

29) Go to Cedar Point, OH and ride the acclaimed "best" roller coaster in the world. (Kinda done 7/09-Not at Cedar Point but we did ride 3 other "best roller coasters in the world" at Busch Gardens. LOVED IT!"

30) Hike to a waterfall tucked away in the side of a mountain in Hawaii. (Done 8/8/08-Waimea Falls Oahu, HI, funny story though due to lack of rainfall the waterfall was a mere trickle but we swam in the freshwater pool below the trickle so I'm counting it. It was still gorgeous.)

31) Go to one of those murder mystery bed and breakfast places. I don't know about actually stayinig at the bed and breakfast ( I have issues with that which we will not discuss here) but I do at least want to do the murder mystery dinner part.

32) Visit all 49 states before the kids graduate from high school. I say 49 because I have no desire to go to Alaska yet, I like it warm, people. Someday when GI Joe and I are older and the swimming suits and trunks are a thing of the past, THEN we'll go to Alaska. *Update-We're doing really good on this one. I've been to 38 states and the kids have been to 29. After this summer's National LamKoons vacation we'll be putting an even bigger dent in that number. Favorite state so far? Hawaii...duh. :)

Clearly, even at a much younger age of 30 I couldn't count, and thus ended up with 32 things on my 30 Things to Do Before I Die List. How fitting for this birthday.

And now I'm off to polish my Birthday Princess crown and eat cupcakes. Hopefully, my calf w/ a pretty pink bow on it will be delivered later.

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