Thursday, January 15, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

This is the letter I sent to Carhartt today along with the photo.

Dear Carhartt,
I am writing to let you know of a suggestion that I believe would enhance your product line and expand your target audience.
I have been a proud owner of Carhartt products for the past 12 years, since I married my husband and moved out to the boondocks. It was my welcome gift to the country life, my own set of coveralls. I must say I deeply love your product as we live in the arctic Midwest and it gets extremely cold here. My Carhartts keep me from dying or losing any appendages due to hypothermia while tending to our assortment of animals and that is a huge selling point, obviously.
Last night, with the winds blowing and the temperature dipping to -20, my husband and I donned our Carhartt attire to go do the chores. As I was putting my boring, although functional, navy blue coveralls on, I thought to myself "Man, I wish these were in pink." Now you might be thinking a real farm girl that is wearing our product could care less about the color. I dare to disagree. What girl doesn't want to feel pretty and feminine even if they are going outside to get dirty and stinky with farm animals? I know I do and in a lame attempt to do just that I accessorize my coveralls with pink gloves, hat, scarves, etc. I do not want someone passing by our farm and mistake me for a man. I don't mind that the coveralls do nothing for my figure as their roominess allows me the ability to layer and further enhance their effectiveness. But if they were in a lovely shade of pink that would deepen my devotion to the Carhartt brand and make them the rage of farm girls across the world. Pink is after all the new black and a calm and happy color. Isn't that a plus when dealing with livestock? I think so.
I understand that a light cotton candy pink (which I would prefer) is not sensible as it would show dirt and other stains. In keeping with the Carhartt tradition of muted, darker tones I am suggesting a nice raspberry color. I know in the past when I've asked at the local Carhartt supplier if they had anything in pink, after they laughed at me rudely, they directed me to the women's variety in a deep purple. While an improvement from the black, brown, and navy it's just not pink. I've taken it upon myself to give your design team a headstart and created a template for you to follow. Also, when you are ready to market the new and improved raspberry coveralls I am willing to promote and model them at a cost to you of just a free pair. I appreciate your attention to this very important matter and look forward to your response. Thanks.

Prairie Princess

So Carhartt if you are reading this call me.


  1. Have you gotten "the call" yet? It's been an hour since you've posted it, and almost a day since you sent it in. Seriously, what's the hold up?

  2. This is great! Now it's almost like I am working with you again and know the crazy things you are doing every day. I'll also get your recipes. Holly? How do you have time for it all. Now I have to answer Jessie's blog because I don't want her to feel I never cared about hers. Truth is! I have kept up with Jessie. Don't expect me to do a blog though. Does anyone care that my husband and I joined the Gold Club at Prairie Meadows just to receive the $3.50 buffet on Tuesday's. (Sad to admit!) I'm unemployed and currently becoming a "workout" queen at Aspen.

  3. Oh Holly!! You never cease to amaze me. What a great idea! You'll have to be sure to keep me posted. I know that Brian would LOVE to see me in a pair of Carhartt's. And they'd look great with my new boots (which I still owe you a picture of!)

  4. I sure hope Carhartt is reading this and they take your letter seriously. I know this has been a long time dream of yours. Oh by the way I made the steak bites with the twice baked potatoes which was also a recipe from Pioneer Woman, it was very very yummy! I did text you about this too but I didn't hear from you and I'm hoping you didn't lose your new phone.

  5. As a 30 year grizzled veteran of the construction industry, I too love my carhart's. Press on with the quest for pink. After tiring of the standard colors, i beseeched the carhart gods and they made me a custom pair. now i stand out in the crowd with my powder blue bibs with hello kitty's stitched on every pocket! enjoying your blog

  6. I love it! I would sooo buy a pair of pink. Maybe a cheetah print carhart hat? Loving the blogs. keep up the good work.