Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Funnies

I didn't set out to be one of those people that blogs daily, really my life is just not that exciting, usually. But then material just keeps coming to me and I can't help myself. Here are some excerpts from our Friday that made me laugh.

*Went to a movie tonight and for the first 15 minutes of previews there was no sound. It didn't appear that any of the theater staff was working to solve the problem but there was an usher who was walking up and down the aisles doing, well, whatever it is that ushers at low budget theaters do. A man in the theater called out to the usher "Sir, there's no audio." Thank you Mr. Obvious. But the part that made me actually laugh out loud was that the usher acted like he hadn't noticed and immediately went into crisis mode. Maybe it was just me but something about that just struck me as funny. P.S. I did not cry at Bride Wars, YAY ME!!!

*Puberty is rearing it's ugly head in our precious 9 year old daughter. Within the span of 15 minutes she went from laughing, to yelling at her brothers, to whining, to sobbing. It's not pretty, people and we are ill prepared. She was telling me about a book she had read and stopped talking for a minute. During that minute of Dakota's silence, Ryder said something unrelated to her topic. She FLEW off the handle yelling at him "Ryder, QUIT INTERRUPTING ME!!" We pointed out to Dakota that he hadn't interrupted her as she had stopped talking and these words actually came out of her mouth, "But I was THINKING of what I was going to say next!" Oh well of course, how dumb of us, he absolutely interrupted her. DUH!

*Came home from the movie, and Moose, the aptly named Lab, had managed to eat 2 entire boxes of Healthy Choice devil's food cookies on our bed. What upset me most about this little escapade was not that he had consumed chocolate (he's got a stomach of steel), but the fact that he didn't leave any for us. Seriously, not cool Moose, and if I find crumbs in my bed you're in the doghouse.

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  1. OH-that is just the BEGINNING Holly!! Watch out teenage years, here comes Dakota!!