Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Fun Living with a Blonde

When you live with a blonde you sometimes find things like this:

And when I pointed this out to the alleged blonde she denied all accusations and has no recollection of putting milk in the cupboard, even though her cup with milk in it was left on the counter as evidence. I love that I am not the only dizzy blonde in the house. I would hate to have ALL the fun.
The really funny part is that after I took this picture for Exhibit A, I shut the cupboard and went about my business until about 5 minutes later it dawned on me that I had left the milk in the cupboard and perhaps I should move it to the fridge. It's a mother daughter BLONDE bond what can I say?


  1. Did the lid of this get smashed?? How could you not realize that something was wrong if you had to shove it in there so hard? You guys kill me!!

  2. Did you get that milk at Costco? Isn't it such a GREAT deal! That's almost worth the annual membership alone!!! Everytime I go there people are buying them 4-5 at a time! I only have one avid milk drinker in my family, so 1 gal is plenty for us!!
    Even though it's a great deal, I hope it didnt' spoil in the cupboard!!!