Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blast From the Past (UPDATED)

Saturday night we had a blast from the past when we had dinner with our friends from high school, Jeremy and Signe. Before I tell you about our fun filled evening of homecoming cheers, cruising the loop, 90's music singalongs, and prom pictures, let's take a quick trip down memory lane, shall we?

Jeremy and Signe have been together forever, since before I came on the VM scene back in high school. In other words, a LONG LONG time, like 15+ years (remember math is not my strong suit). Jeremy was in the same class as GI Joe and myself, while Signe was a spring chicken in the grade below us. Apparently, Jeremy the romantic asked Signe to go to Homecoming with him while standing in the lunch line when he was a sophomore and she was a freshman. Jeremy and GI Joe played football together and had been friends since well I don't know, this isn't their blog so it doesn't matter. Anyway, I don't remember when Jeremy and I became friends. Knowing him it was probably shortly after I arrived on the scene and he felt sorry for the poor new girl who everyone else was either ignoring or pointing at suspiciously. But I do know that pretty much every funny memory I have during my high school years has Jeremy involved somehow. Sorry, most are not blog appropriate! :) He's a great, sarcastic, and fun guy so obviously we got along well. I didn't know Signe as well during high school because she was very athletic (I on the other hand was not), and always at some game or another. But she let Jeremy hang out with us while she was being Miss Athletic so you couldn't help but like her. That and her wonderful dizzy blondeness and gullibility.

So we all dressed up in our hoodies (Jeremy insisted, apparently he'd read the blog entry about GI Joe's fondness for hoodies) for a gathering at their house. They have 2 mini Jeremy's that are a little bit younger than our boys so we made it a family affair.

We partied like it was 1997 and played a mean game of Last Word while we locked the kids in the basement to play Wii. Actually, GI Joe smoked us at Last Word while we, and by we, I mean Jeremy and I, tried to keep up. Meanwhile, Signe was much too busy studying and analyzing the rules and challenging every answer anyone gave. So really Signe in fact had the "Last Word". Gotta love those teacher/student types. :)

We had a great time with our old friends but here are a few excerpts from our evening that 12-13 years ago I would have never thought we would hear ourselves saying.

"Phew, I'm tired" And others was 9:30.
"You need to share!" talking to the kids regarding video games.
"Eat your supper or you don't get dessert."
And my favorite "Oh no, Hunter just puked all over!!" Oh wait, maybe that wasn't so unheard of back in high school.
Here's our prom picture (minus the wrist corsages and tuxes) that I forced them to participate in during the evening. We've come a LONG way Baby!

VM Class of '96 (and '97) Rocks!!!

Speaking of blasts from the past, THIS JUST IN: My husband since 6th grade, Jordan Knight and the rest of his New Kids On The Block friends are coming to my city for a concert on April 6th! Oh mercy me! My NKOTB mentor and BFF Annette and I will be there and will have a full blog coverage. But for now I have important decisions to make such as what am I going to wear, what is our fluorescent pink sign that we hold up during the concert going to say, how are we going to sneak up to the stage, etc, etc.


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  1. U forgot one more thing my friend, what diet are we going to be on so we look good for "Face Time" with NKOTB! NKOTB Mentor? I feel a tear in my eye, that means so much! ha ha