Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4 Years?!?

Can you believe that 4 years ago today, I started this crazy blog and wrote my first post?  4 YEARS?!?  I posted TWENTY entries that first month.  Ahh the good old days before we had color TV's and smartphones so I had lots of time to blog.  OK maybe it wasn't that long ago but still 4 years is a LONG time.  Alot has happened in those 4 years.  My kids have gotten 4 years older (as always I'm here to educate and inform), I've been married to GI Joe 12, 13, 14, and now 15 years, we've had deaths in the family (dislike) both people and animals and births (like)   While I haven't been near as regular about posting as I once was, I still love blogging. I just wish the darn laundry would do itself.  I especially going back in the archives and reading about things that happened at the Koons Zoo or something that the kids said that I would've otherwise forgotten. 
Here are a few of my favorite posts of all time which happen to be some of the same ones I'm kind of known for.  For example, my godmother Nita told me the other day that she'd referred her pastor to this blog to read the hilarious tale of the boys and balls (don't worry I'll post the link in a minute.  And yes, she has a very close relationship with her pastor and his wife, close enough to tell him to read a post about, umm, balls I guess.)  Then she told me that he'd already heard from someone else about the time I caught the backyard on fire. The whole thing cracked me up. 
So here are some of my favorite posts from the past 4 years that you can tell your pastor about or go read them if you haven't been here from the beginning.  They still make me laugh and I lived them.

The FIRST time I got on the Terrorist Alert list at Carhartt

And this one that at least every couple months comes up in conversation (RIP Herky)

A glimpse into our amazing and mature parenting

The first of MANY posts about Annette and I reliving our youthHere's more if you didn't get enough and really can you EVER get enough of New Kids on the Block?  The answer is No, NO you cannot. 

And this CLASSIC Prairie Princess story.  This is real life, people.

And so is this.  It's also how when the kids are grown, I'll look back and remember our many summer days and nights spent fishing.  HI-LARIOUS.

The time I really went THERE and told you about our gay llamas...in detail.  I think this one will go down in history and most likely be read at my funeral.  Seriously, I couldn't even make this stuff up. 

A heartwarming tale of GI Joe and a....drag queen? 

I'm definitely keeping this one on hand to blackmail my boys with down the road, say when they bring a date home.

Why I should never be allowed to use Photoshop....or go down a waterslide.

Proof that I have an unnatural attachment to my bovine son cow.

It never hurts to be prepared.  Vote for GI Joe!

Sometimes I hug random strangers in uniform.  What can I say I support our troops?

Like my Smom always tells GI Joe, there's not only a special place in heaven for him there's a throne RIGHT NEXT TO JESUS for putting up with me all these years.  :)  Oh and again.

Living life with a nudist. 

I have to be me.

What better way to end than with this one...

Balls.  That is all.  The post that will live on for infinity.

After reading back over 4 years worth of blog posts one thing is for certain, I'm kind of a crackhead.  Or at least one might think.  Thanks for reading anyway and NOT having me forcibly admitted to the psychiatric ward.  Although let's be honest, I'd probably fit right in.  And thanks to my family, friends, animals, and complete strangers for providing me plenty of blogging material.  Here's to 4 more years!  
Love Always,
Prairie Princess 



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