Monday, June 29, 2009

Please Don't Go New Kids (Part 1)

The post you've all been waiting for. Let's let the pictures help tell the story.

Riding in style to Chicago …

Our NKOTB window art was responsible for us making some new friends on the interstate who pulled up beside us and very excitedly showed us their New Kids On the Block CD cover. See there are more of us out there!!! It was also responsible for one man asking Annette if we were headed to a baseball tournament or something. Go TEAM NKOTB!!!

Dressed for NKOTB Army Success

(Each of the 5 small hearts has initials of the 5 NKOTB members!)
We don’t mess around. We take our concert attire very seriously. Even more so since Donnie Wahlberg of NKOTB, sent out a message to his devoted fans aka "soldiers" telling them to get creative to get noticed by them, go beyond the poster signs and he’d have people out in the audience to bring fans backstage. Us+Backstage=OH YEAH that’s all the motivation we needed to get creative. Sidenote: Not to brag but we had the coolest ensembles by far and not the least bit trashy as was the route many fans took, I’m just sayin’.

Jesse McCartney

This KID took the stage after the Jabbawabba something tribe. (Remember the dancers in the scary masks I told you about last time? I still don’t love them but was able to watch a little bit more of the show this time because of their musical selection. How could I NOT watch when 8 guys in masks were on stage dancing to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce? I mean really, it’s just too darn catchy…put your hands up, UP, UP….) The teenage girls next to us were going INSANE over this Jesse character though. Apparently he’s a hot commodity among the kids these days. He didn’t do much for us except make us feel like cougars. He says he’s 22 but I think 14 is a more accurate depiction. The entire time he was on stage we kept saying things like “We are almost old enough to be his mother” and “I know those tight “skinny” jeans are in these days but they look ridiculous on boys.” Yep, we are getting old but don’t worry the New Kids made us feel 14 again.

The Dancing Queen & King

This woman was cracking us up because as you can see she is the only one on her feet getting her dance on during the Jabbawhatever tribe. Didn’t stop her though, you go girl. Then across the aisle from us was the guy who was imitating the dance moves of the New Kids throughout their entire show. His excitement level was comparable to ours. The jury’s still out on his sexual orientation. If he is straight I am so jealous of his wife or girlfriend. Can you imagine GI Joe going to an NKOTB concert with me and doing all the “Right Stuff” moves? Picture it with me, it will make you smile. Yeah, not gonna happen. It’s probably a good thing too, I’d hate for Jordan and GI Joe to get into a boxing match over me.

Us Moments Before NKOTB Took The Stage

Yes, this was our 3rd time in 8 months seeing them but it doesn’t matter. We went thru the same gamut of emotions that we experienced the first time. Each time it’s just this overwhelming feeling of “I cannot believe I am actually at a New Kids concert, I never ever thought I’d get to do this again and oh how I love them.”


My NKOTB husband, Jordan Knight, looking dashing as ever. As usual, he sang several songs directly to me. It was kind of awkward with the thousands of other girls in the arena clamoring for his attention and him trying to focus solely on me, but we worked it out. I got the message, I’m his "Favorite Girl, he wants to “Give It* To Me” and then he asked me “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind?”. Yes, Jordan, yes you did, as always. Unfortunately, he didn’t do his ab exposing, shirt wide open, song “Baby I Believe in You.” But it’s okay I know he still does and frankly I didn’t have any cigarettes handy to smoke following that song so it was for the best. And truth be told, I really don’t appreciate all those other women gawking at my NKOTB husband like that. He’s mine ladies, back off. (*by “it” he meant his undying love of course, keep it clean here people, also I don’t really smoke even after a very intense song by Jordan Knight in which he reveals his chiseled abs and chest that look just as beautiful in real life as they did in my adolescent dreams………sigh)


My NKOTB brother-in-law with benefits, if I weren’t a good Baptist. How I’ve grown to love him more and more. Back in the day he was my second favorite. He’s the oldest in the group and has an air of mystery about him. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also easy on the eyes, in a rugged, mysterious kind of way. He’s the most reserved and quiet of the group. I think we’d balance each other well since I’m so NOT those things. Oh and also he lives on a farm and loves animals. Hello match made in heaven, if only my heart didn’t belong to Jordan , oh and GI Joe. :)


Little adorable blue eyed Joey has grown up into pure perfection. Holy mother of Moses. Two other things I love about Joey in addition to his god-like appearance: 1) his taste in baby names, he has a little boy named Griffin ….LOVE IT and 2) he sang “Popsicle” circa 1986. Amazing.


Meet Annette’s NKOTB husband. It was pretty obvious that he remembered us from meeting us on that cold night in April. He knows how much Annette loves it when he sings “Cover Girl” to her and he didn’t disappoint. I don’t know if it’s his slightly bad boy image or his charisma but we love us some Donnie Wahlberg. Jordan and I will have so much fun double dating with Annette and Donnie once the tour is over.

This one’s for you Spike. Danny, always slightly resembled a monkey to me and truth be told he still does. But that doesn’t make me love him any less. He works out daily and it shows, so if you just avert your eyes from looking directly at his face (which is NOT hard to do) it’s totally fine. But he is so fun to watch. He is thoroughly enjoying himself and can bust a move like nobody’s business. Not many 38 year old men can breakdance and spin on their heads like he does. And he’s a devoted dad to 4 kids and that my friends, is truly sexy. Spike, he’s expecting your call. We can triple date!

Part 2 coming tomorrow night. I must pace myself, this is my emotions we're toying with here.

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