Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Need for Speed & Other Happenings

If you're still checking this blog for updates after being disappointed by the same old post every day for the past week, I thank you. Thanks for sticking it out with me. To the rest who gave up on me and figured I'd probably gotten distracted by an emu or Uranus or something and deleted this blog from your Favorites, you'll be missed. It was fun while it lasted. Now for the 3 of you left, this one's for you.

Admittedly, I probably shouldn't quit my day job anytime soon to become a professional blogger. But this week I did have valid reasons for my lack of new posts.

Let me recap for you.

*Got pulled over for going a "consistent 68-69 mph in a 55". At least I was consistent right? Wrong. No amount of lip gloss and hiking my skirt helped me avoid the $87 ticket. Don't think I didn't try. I have no shame. Gone are the days of getting pulled over approximately 17 times and only getting 3 tickets (hello '95-'96). I'm blaming the kids, who in this case totally threw me off my game. They were in the backseat providing commentary such as "OH NO! How are we going to get home now since he's going to take you away?" and "Mommy why would you break the law? Is it really that hard to obey the speed limit?" and my personal favorite "87 DOLLARS?!? Holy cow Mommy see why you should obey the law? Wait til we tell Daddy." Sometimes I wonder if I even had a conscience before I had kids. Apparently not.

*Had a lovely relaxing mini vacation away from home. That's the glass half full recap. The REALIST recap is that our air conditioning wasn't working and the service guy couldn't come til Wednesday so we spent Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night camped out in the in-laws basement since it was 93 degrees in our house. No beach and no maid service, not my idea of a vacation. No offense In Laws.

*Taught a class at Vacation Bible School (aka VBS) at church every night this week from 6:30-8:30. Oh except for Tuesday night when VBS was cancelled because there was no electricity so we went and had hot wings with our VIP crew at Buffalo Wild Wings instead. It's pretty comparable to VBS...or not. But still awesome. Oh and except for Friday night when I ditched VBS TO GO SEE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK IN CHICAGO.....heeeeyyyyy!!!!!

*That's right, Annette and I ventured to Tinley Park, IL to see the New Kids on the Block....again. Third time in eight months. No, we're not obsessed why do you ask? And I know what you're going to say, "Didn't you just see them a few months ago AND a few months before that?" And the answer is yes, yes we did, which is why we HAD to see them again and besides it was a new tour. I just got home a few hours ago from our adventure and I haven't quite collected myself enough to talk about it yet. I'll work on that. But for now I'd like you to do some homework, please reread the following posts:,, Thank you.

I'll leave you with a little teaser.

Custom made NKTOB attire + Favorite Girl(s) + trespassing = UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT


  1. Ok, Holly...this is Melissa (Devick) Slaughter I have yet to comment so now is the time to admit it!! I have not seen you in YEARS but I am a loyal fan/reader!! You crack me up and and have brought me to tears with the laughter can not wait to hear more about the trespassing!! Keep it comin girl - you are a riot!!

  2. Hi Melissa! Yay! I'm so excited that you're reading and actually enjoy it. Good to know that I do have a reader beyond my family and 3 friends. :) I promise to keep blogging if you keep reading. Miss ya!

  3. girl - i have been reading for awhile!! love the free entertainment that you provide!! LOL!! Even my daughter has taking to asking if you have a new blog yet because she reads over my shoulder!! LOL!!