Thursday, April 9, 2009

NKOTB Concert Recap: The Finale

Tears are falling on my keyboard as I type this because after this post it will be officially over. Time to rip off the band-aid, ok here goes…….

Step 23) Felt thirteen and carefree for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, the whole time hoping it would never end.

Step 24) Stood in awe at how these guys who are in their 30’s now, can still sing and move like that. How they remember all the words to the songs AND the dance moves is beyond me. I can’t even remember where I parked at the mall let alone the words and moves to 30 songs. Although, believe me I gave it my all during the concert!

Step 25) Felt my heart break a little the first time they left the stage even though I knew they were coming back out for an encore.

Step 26) Repeated Steps 16 & 17 when they left the stage and then returned for the encore. I think my heart is forever weakened.

Step 27) Felt like rushing the stage to give them all a hug because you could just feel how thankful they were for us crazy fans and the chance to get to be out doing this again. Trust me boys we are ETERNALLY grateful as well.

Step 28) Felt my heart break right in two when they left the stage for good. Considered risking a trip to the slammer to sneak backstage and scream "please don't go". I’m not kidding you, I thought Annette and I were both going to break down and cry. It was heart wrenching.

Step 29) Recovered quickly when we decided the night was young and made our way out to where the buses were parked. Remember how I mentioned the hoochie mamas lined up by the buses pre-show? Well, we became one of them, although I have to say we have a certain level of “class” that not all of them possessed. That and we don't use meth on a regular basis, unlike the lady next to us who kept telling everyone Donnie Wahlberg was her Baby Daddy and asked us to hold her purse while she jumped the fence. Shockingly, she had a very short attention span so she only lasted about 10 minutes. It's a good thing too, Annette & I looked way too pretty to have to put the smackdown on anyone, but she was heading that direction with her shameful talk about Annette's man.

Step 30) Got a spot right up against the fence approximately 10 feet from the front of the buses. SCORE!!!! Got in ready position, camera in one hand aimed at the doors coming out of the venue, other hand holding the sign against the fence.

Step 31) Stood in said position for AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES in 25 degree weather in our cute concert outfits which did NOT include a parka, gloves, hats, or any other cold weather gear. Suffered severe hypothermia.

Step 32) As we stood in the cold, waiting for each of the boys to come out to their bus, we saw Jonathan inside the building making his way down the stairs. The women behind us were saying how they had heard he was gay. I told Annette quietly that I bet I could make him straight. Except that maybe it didn’t turn out so quietly as everyone else had apparently stopped talking and it came out as more of a yell. Oops. Thankfully, Jonathan was still in the building so I was not faced with a moral dilemma. Maybe next time.

Step 33)
Danny, Joey, and Jonathan all came out and walked right in front of us to get to their buses. They waved but didn’t stop to mingle with the crowd. The Security guard that we befriended told us that Jordan had gotten on his bus immediately following the show, probably to sulk about me marrying someone else. We held out even though we had lost all feeling in our appendages until Donnie finally came out. Donnie is known for mingling with the fans and that’s exactly what he did. He made his way down the fence saying hi to all the fans and shaking their hands. I was digging thru my purse looking for a sharpie so we could have him autograph our sign but given that I had no feeling in my fingers all I came up with was lip liner. He came to us and shook our hands. Annette died again. I was unable to help her as my frostbitten fingers were full of camera, sign, purse. I think the divine smell of Donnie's cologne brought her back. Thanks Donnie and can we get the name of that cologne?

Step 34) As Donnie Wahlberg stood in front of us saying hi, smelling like heaven, I asked him if he had read our sign. He and his bodyguard took a moment to read it. While he did that I was trying to take his picture. He smiled, said something to the effect of how he loved the sign, and then he called us both baby or maybe he said "please come on the road with me, I'm a polygamist so we can all 3 live happily ever after". I wish I could remember his exact words, it was one of the two, but my brain was lacking oxygen. And then unbeknownst to me he gave Annette a high five and was standing there waiting to give me a high five. But I did not know this because I was too busy with a camera in front of my face trying to take his picture. And my camera was tired so the display wasn’t working. So I seriously left Donnie Wahlberg hanging. But he stuck with me and telepathically said "let's try it again" and waited for me to put my camera down. Then he gave me a high five and then I mummified my right hand and put it in a display case. I think the picture tells the story.

Step 35) Now it's trying to get back to life as usual. Not so easy when all we want to do is listen to/sing NKOTB songs much to the dismay of our families, tell everyone we see about our experience, check their website for upcoming tour dates, decorate our houses with posters from Tiger Beat of Donnie and Jordan, and plan our next NKOTB concert adventure. Oh yeah there will definitely be another. It's kind of like heroin, we just can't get enough. Not that I've ever done heroin but I've heard it's very addicting.

In closing I would like to thank the following:
-To GI Joe for being such an awesome husband who stayed home with the kids so I could go out gallavanting around acting like a 13 year old groupie. I know I made you proud. P.S. I really wouldn't have attempted to make Jonathan straight without your permission.
-To my friend Annette for being such a phenomenal NKOTB mentor. I hope you recover from your NKOTB induced bronchitis.
-To Dougie D for not getting mad at us for calling and waking you up at 12:15 in the morning to tell you about how we just met Donnie. Sorry you couldn't understand anything we were saying, we were high on life. Hopefully the blog fills in the blanks.
-To NKOTB, please stay the same. Because if you go away again I will probably die. Thanks for the best concert ever. Look for us again on your summer tour. We'll be the ones with the giant pink sign and lip gloss.
Your Favorite Girl


  1. I think I actually teared up reading the finale..."Please Don't Go Donnie" What a pic! I think I will be going to all the cologne counters trying to find that cologne he wore!

  2. Donnie talked to you?

    Now you are seen as a threat.

    He's mine.

  3. I couldnt get mad at the two of you even if I wanted to!!! You guys can call me 24/7. I was just honored to have been chosen to share the moment with you two.