Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Duck In My Truck & Other Adventures of the Prairie Princess

It's hard for me to blog right for a couple of reasons: 1) a guy at work told me he read my blog and then told me it was just "alright". Oh uh uh! I'm having to dig deep to keep on blogging as that hurt my heart deeply. 2) OK, I'm sooo over that now as I am so high on life. I may or may not have mentioned THAT I'M GOING TO SEE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK TOMORROW NIGHT! It's hard for me to focus right now. I'm much too busy rehearsing my NKOTB dance moves, teasing my hair into 80's mall bangs, and calling my friend Annette to plan our course of action for meeting NKOTB. Check the blog on Tuesday or Wednesday, there are bound to be stories, unless of course we've been asked to go on the road with New Kids On The Block as their new road managers/wardrobe consultants. Cuz you know, we got the RIGHT STUFF!!!

Moving on to the other happenings in the life of the Prairie Princess...

*April Fool's Day + Church Night + Devious tendencies of GI Joe and myself = TONS OF FUN!!
I may have borrowed the yellow caution tape from work and printed up realistic Condemnation Notices. And we may have arrived to church 45 minutes early (first time ever) in order to place the caution tape in X's on the doors with the official, signed, condemnation notice in the middle on all of the doors. GI Joe then drove the truck up the road to hide it and jogged back. Then we hid and waited for our fellow church goers to arrive and freak out because of the condemnation notices on the building. Believe me when I tell you it looked very realistic. I took pictures but was too busy being covert that I didn't realize that my memory card was not in my camera. But it was....PRICELESS. Ahhh good times. Do you think there's a special place in heaven for the likes of GI Joe and I? You know for playing a practical joke at a sacred place on people that were coming to worship. Yes, I'm sure there is. I know, we'll be members of the Fun Committee!

*Attended a 30th birthday party for my twin soul, Amanda on Saturday night. A few highlights from the party that I can blog about.
When her very unique sister in law took it upon herself to begin rearranging the art work on the wall in her brother's house where the party was being held and the reaction of her brother's wife when she realized what was happening in HER OWN HOME. I thought my friend Bonita and I were both going to lose control of our bladders from laughing so hard.
When I brought home my party favor.....a duck in my truck. A real live duck. Not everyone got such an awesome party favor. Being the Prairie Princess has it's perks!

*After I departed from said party with the duck in my truck, I stopped for a minute to meet up with my NKOTB mentor Annette, my friend Cindy, and GI Joe's brofriends Doug and Jerry. Also in attendance was McDreamy who is also another of GI Joe's brofriends, but I don't want to say that right now, because he was there on his second date with a lovely girl named Cher* who we were meeting for the first time. I have to say that I only got to spend a few minutes talking with Cher but I like her already. She seemed to enjoy when Annette and I serenaded the group with NKOTB songs and didn't mind that we took 100 pictures. And she and McDreamy were OH so adorable. Sometimes we can be a SLIGHTLY loud and fun loving group and the boys were worried that we would scare her away but she held her own. I think she'll fit right in. Welcome to the jungle Cher! Not to put words in McDreamy's mouth but he'll be calling again soon. Oh and also you don't have to call him McDreamy if you don't want to but he'd probably like it if you did. (*Her name isn't really Cher but it might be a lil' soon to be naming her in the blog, but how cool would it be if her name really was Cher?)

(In case you were wondering where GI Joe was in all of this, he was on a date with his Brofriend John. Seriously. They dressed up in their hoodies and went to Ames to eat at Hickory Park and then saw Bill Engvall do a comedy show. John' s wife and I both called them at separate times during their date and were told the same thing, "This is our time". Ummm yeah and you thought I was exaggerating about the whole bromance thing. Not so much.)

*Watched Marley and Me again with the family on Friday night and lost 5 pounds in water weight from bawling. I think I'm going to make it my new diet plan.

*And now I'm off to watch the Academy of Country Music Awards to critique wardrobe choices, performances, see who has a homely wife, etc. It's what I do.

*Hey guess what? 22 HOURS TIL NKOTB!!!!! Until then keep HANGIN' TOUGH!!!!

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