Friday, April 24, 2009

God's Rockin'

Anytime it storms with thunder and lightning the kids explain it by saying things like, "God's just taking our picture" or "God's bowling", etc. You know, all the usual. But tonight as we were driving home from town and lightning bolts lit up the sky, they surprised me with a new one.
"Mommy, look at that God must really be rockin'!"
I, not really knowing what they were talking about, very wisely said, "Huh?"
To which they responded, "He just got Star Power!"
Ahhhh it all made sense then. In our house, we have a fondness for Wii Guitar Hero. Mostly because I love exposing my children to classic 80's and 90's rock at blaring volumes and singing along with my best Guns N Roses karaoke voice but also it's just plain fun. When playing Guitar Hero if you hit enough notes in a row, lightning strikes from the top of the screen and you are supposed to rock your guitar and you get extra points or something. I've got to hand it to the kids, because the lightning tonight DID look just like the Star Power lightning.

Rock on God, Rock On!

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