Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reese's Retrospect

Easter is over and after searching far and wide in clearance aisles to no avail it’s time to say goodbye to my beloved Reese’s eggs, after I finish this last bag of course. I thought it best said in a poem.

Reese’s eggs how I love thee
Even though you’re making me hefty
Your yellow wrapper so bright
Such a beautiful sight
Your peanut butter so nutty
In your hands I am putty
Your chocolatey goodness on the outside
Makes me want to take a bag of you and hide
I want to keep you all to myself
And place you on the highest shelf
So that my children don’t steal from me
Leaving me empty handed and grouchy
The minis, the Whips, the Cups, they just won’t do
I will never love another like you
I’ll miss you til next year
When you return and add 10 pounds to my rear
Goodbye my sweet friend
Until we meet again


  1. Those are the BEST!! Can you believe I did not have any this Easter??!! I resisted the urge!

  2. Julie,
    I admire your willpower but pity your tastebuds. :)