Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tracks, Pumpkins, & Torture: Easter '09

Alright no more NKOTB talk, at least for awhile. I've had to go cold turkey. I've tried to go 2 WHOLE days now without listening to them or looking at the concert pictures. It's been hard, really hard. Now I know what cocaine addicts go through. I wish there were a NA group, not Narcotics Anonymous but NKOTB Anonymous. I would SO join. OK, so I lied about no more NKOTB talk. I meant starting NOW....

Did the Easter bunny leave a mess like this at anyone else's house?

Silly bunny, he left tracks all over our family room. We've also noticed that he comes in thru the fireplace. Weird huh? He does this every year.

Exhibit 47843 in the Children vs. GI Joe & Prairie Princess in the Bad Parents Case

As if making them run laps around the house for lying and sit on the couch holding hands for fighting, weren't enough to clench our victory in the Worst Parents of the Year contest, this is sure to do it. The kids have the same Easter baskets every year. However, we realized last night that Blade's was MIA. We could've a) run to town to purchase a replacement basket or b) IMPROVISE. Because we are lazy, bad parents we went with plan b. It was between this and a feed bucket, but we needed the bucket to feed the animals this morning. Priorities you know. So I showed Blade this beauty and explained the plan to him, that we would leave this out for the Easter bunny and he wouldn't even notice the difference. Blade wasn't entirely convinced that it was a good idea and insisted that we put a note on it explaining that, yes it was a pumpkin not a carrot but to please fill it anyway. As you can see the Easter bunny responded with a note of his own. In case you can't read it, Blade's note says "Dear Easter Bunny, This is not a carrot but a pumpkin. I could not find my Easter basket. Please fill anyway. Thanks. Blade" The Easter bunny's note says "Dear Blade, Looks like a carrot to me. Yum Yum. Hoppy Easter. E.B." Can I just tell you how long this made me giggle? Blade was in awe this morning when he found it. Although, I have to say between the chimney, the tracks, and the note I think the kids think may think the Easter Bunny is a bit of a crackhead. :)

The Easter Bunny or E.B. as we call him cuz we're tight like that, must've known that we were overridden with guilt for nearly ruining our son's Easter so he left us this.

How did he know I LOVE Reese's eggs? Maybe he heard me yelling at him out the front door last night? That's right I was yelling loudly out the front door at the Easter bunny telling him that "No, not all the kids were asleep yet, come back later, and please bring Mama some Reese's eggs." Seriously. I have no shame. It's a good thing we live in the country. Then I went into the boys' room and told them how I had just seen the Easter bunny but that he went on down the road to the neighbor's house since they weren't asleep yet. I then described in detail what he looked like. Taller than me, white, pink and blue bow, etc. (Kinda reminds me of the one at the mall!) Desperate times call for desperate measures but it did the trick. And wasn't it sweet of E.B. to tell us good job on raising nice kids on the note he left us? We thought so. I'm not above shameless plugs and for some reason they have more weight with the kids when coming from the Easter Bunny or Santa.

Exhibit 47844 in the Children vs. GI Joe & Prairie Princess in the Bad Parents Case

And lastly......the torture tradition. Every Easter we have a sunrise breakfast at church meaning we have to get there at least an hour earlier than usual. Which means it's a grand ol' time in our household on Easter morning. We have to get everyone up about an hour and half earlier than normal Sunday routine so that they can find their baskets or pumpkins in this case, and get dressed in their Easter best. Then before we head out the door when everyone is tired, grumpy, and hungry, I torture them with at least one picture. I have to get at least one before they spill anything on them. It's a smashing success every year as you can see.


2009 (forgot the flash but a retake would've been pushing my luck)

I like to think we're just making memories. Can you imagine the stories they will tell their kids/grand kids and/or therapist? Now THAT'S the good stuff!

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  1. Cute story Holly!! Blade certainly doesn't appear to be a morning person. Ryder however, looks ADORABLE! Then again, I might be playing favorites.