Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Uranus or Mine

My apologies for the post title but I just couldn't help myself. Now you know what our poor children have to deal with.

Tonight on the way to church Dakota was telling us about the star lab lesson they did at school today about all the planets. Then she actually said these words, "They said when there's a full moon you can see Uranus."

And because GI Joe and I are very refined, mature, and serious parents we responded accordingly by.....LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY. Yes, we are 30 and 31 years old and still the word Uranus sends us into an uncontrollable fit of giggles. We were laughing so hard and making numerous play on words using the word "uranus". So much in fact that Dakota actually got irritated with us and scolded us. She kept saying "I'm talking about the PLANET URANUS!" to which one of us would respond with "DAKOTA quit talking about URANUS, that's gross!" By the time we got to church my mascara was smeared from laughing and Dakota was so frustrated that she immediately drew a picture of the planet Uranus with a caption that said "the PLANET Uranus" and handed it to us. And because as I said before we are awesome parents we drew a picture of a bottom and captioned it "Uranus" and handed it back to her. To which she responded with an exasperated sigh and and eye roll.

As church was dismissing, GI Joe's brofriend John, came over to chat and GI Joe told Dakota to tell him about Uranus, meaning what she learned at school of course. And very loudly John said "I don't want to hear about Uranus!" right about the time that the entire church was silent. I couldn't write a script this good.

I fully expect calls from school tomorrow regarding inappropriate use of the word Uranus. Not by Dakota of course, but the boys were all too interested in the conversation. I have a feeling they will be sharing their new astronomy knowledge with their classmates. Oh to be a fly on Uranus...I mean the wall.

OK I'll stop now but only because Dakota needs a lesson in modesty. She just told me to come outside she wants to show me the BIg Dipper guessed it...Uranus. :)

Now I'm done....really.


  1. Huh, who know astrology could be so entertaining. Think you've been watching too many OFFICE episodes

  2. Your family is such a HOOT! Dumb word, I know!! But it sounded good.