Sunday, March 8, 2009

King Pin

I know you're sad that when you come to my blog you don't immediately see the title "Uranus or Mine" but let's try to work past that. It's time to move on.

Friday was our friend Doug's 31st birthday (wink wink) so that meant a night full of food, bowling, and lots of laughs with a "murse" thrown in to accessorize. A murse you might say? Yes, a murse, a man purse. Doug is a technician who travels to different locations and works on equipment used in offices like mine. He has what he calls a tool bag to hold his tools, but we call it a man purse. So in celebration of his birthday, we made him a customized, one of a kind "man purse". You can imagine his excitement when he opened this:

(In this picture I think he's looking at his bro, GI Joe, asking him how he could let this happen)

To make it obvious that it was a "murse" I decorated the front with pictures of Doug's favorite hot celebrity women and a label that said "Doug's Very Manly Man Purse". That should do the trick right? Because Doug is a bachelor lookin' for love (contact me if you're a single lady between the ages of 28-42 and I'll hook you up, and yes I did just shamelessly use my blog as a low budget, I'm not afraid), I put a few "tools" complete with instructions to help him with his search for Mrs. Doug in his murse. Here's a sample of his tools: mangloss aka chapstick to keep those lips kissable, a Ring Pop so that he is always prepared should he happen to meet "THE ONE", a French translation dictionary in case he has to go the mail order bride route, a package of Hot Tamales to use as a prop when he uses the pickup line "Are you a tamale cuz you're HOT?", a giant Hershey kiss so no one can say he's not getting any, and a package of Peeps because no matter what he'll always have his Peeps, just to name a few. Obviously, Doug PROUDLY carried his murse with him into the bowling alley. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration. Maybe he left it in his car and had to be forced to go back out and get it, minor details. Not to brag, but I think secretly it was his favorite present. How could it not be?
After the murse unveiling and Annette, Cindy and I ate Doug's birthday sundae, we went bowling. I don't know if I've mentioned it here or not, but I am a phenomenal bowler. And by phenomenal I mean that I consider bowling a 75 or higher a life accomplishment. For some reason we decided to play guys against girls. It was my friends, Cindy, Annette and I against GI Joe, Doug the Birthday Boy, Jerry (Annette's hubby), and McDreamy (Bachelor #2, ladies again, call me). Our team names were decided. We were Pink Power (obviously) and the boys were Whatever Losers. We might've helped them with their name a lil' bit. While I may not be great at bowling I do excel at trash talking. To keep it interesting we told the boys that if we beat them they would have to buy us new Coach purses. We don't mess around. I am happy to report that I actually did crack that 75 mark TWICE, and one game nearly hit the 100 score. Maybe it was the Coach purse motivation or maybe it was that I think Jerry might've accidentally bowled for me a couple times. :) Even though team PInk Power did not win our bet, it was GI Joe's and Jerry's fault, they were having an "on" night, and no matter how well Annette and Cindy did they just couldn't quite carry me. Don't worry we'll still get our new purses. Also, I am happy to report that I did not take home the lowest score title. Not even close. Birthday Boy bowled somewhere around a 50, although in his defense I think he was distracted by his "murse" and how he was going to utilize all of his new tools. McDreamy also had a pathetic score but his was due to the riveting choreography he did when it was his turn to get his ball down the lane. He's very talented. He's the one in the middle...obviously.

And because no evening out with Annette and I, is complete without a photo shoot, here are a few other pictures from the event.

Bowling League Application-Team Photo #1

Bowling League Application Team Photo #2

I think it's safe to say that no matter how good we look our league application will be DENIED.
To Doug-I hope you had a GREAT birthday, we sure had fun helping you celebrate it. Oh and do you have any lotion in your purse? My hands are dry.
To the Bowling Alley-My apologies for a bunch of 30 somethings acting like adolescents for 3+ hours. But thank you for playing New Kids on the Block and you're welcome for the free dance routine Annette and I provided.
To GI Joe's Hoodie Collection-Sorry you were replaced with a non hoodie shirt for the occasion, trust me it wasn't without a "discussion", but sometimes a hoodie just doesn't cut it. Rest assured GI Joe missed you deeply.
To Potential Murse Buyers-I know I"ve created the latest fashion rage, but unfortunately due to other demands on my time (ex: children, emus, Uranus) I will be unable to fulfill any murse orders. Contact your local Coach dealer, GI Joe tells me they have "man totes". Don't ask me why he knows this.


  1. WOW, making the blog on a named basis is the big 'ol ribbon that wraps up my entire B-Day!!!! You can use me as a testimonial referral for your "murse" enterprise.

  2. Hangin Tough..Hangin Tough....oh that was so much fun! Who has a birthday next anyway?