Thursday, March 12, 2009

All in a Week's Work

It's been a LONG week at work. Here are a few highlights:

*Cashed in some pop cans and bought some of my company's stock

*Was WRONGLY accused of stealing kitty litter off of someone's desk. (Editor's note: While we do have some very strange "cats" among the 600+ that work there we do NOT have an office feline. People keep the strangest things at their desks, you know who you are.)

*Received illegal goods out of the back of a friend's trunk in the parking lot. And by illegal I mean Girl Scout cookies...obviously.

*Scored a 120 in Wii bowling on the giant screen in our Training Room. I was "testing" out the equipment for a fundraiser being held next week. REALLY!

*Surfed the web searching for clips and sound bytes of Family Feud and Survivor for an upcoming presentation.

*Thwarted a terrorist attack on our very secure site. I have a badge so I think this makes me an official FBI agent right?

*Went outside with my boss, armed with caution tape and chalk outline to mark a crime scene. The crime scene....a downed handicap parking sign, run down by a careless driver.

*Was blown away by the sheer intelligence that can be found at my workplace, when we asked employees to respond to a Family Feud type survey for an upcoming presentation. We asked them to name the most interesting STATE in the U.S. MULTIPLE people responded with Las Vegas. Welcome to statehood Las Vegas, I must've missed that memo. Another one of my favorites was the response to the question "Name the ugliest breed of DOG", somebody seriously responded with the answer ....CAT. I have no words.

*Watched a potential employee pull up for their fingerprinting in a truck that had a pair of giant yellow, ummm let's see how shall I say....."family jewels", (and by jewels I don't mean emeralds) hanging from their hitch. So many things wrong with this. 1) YELLOW?!? That's some serious health issues 2) I have to think that if one has to "advertise" such things on their truck hitch then they might possibly be overcompensating for certain things. I'm just sayin'....

Thank goodness next week I'm on vacation for our Spring Break trip to TN. I obviously need it after the week I've had.

It's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

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  1. Oh, the office life!! I do miss these laughs!!! Fundraiser????? Without me???? Investigation on the handicap sign would require checking front end damage on all employee vehicles. Hope the Dragnet crew is at it! Hope you see some "country stars" in TN.