Thursday, March 26, 2009

No, We're Not Rednecks..Why Do You Ask?

Oh this? Turkey season is upon us and as I've mentioned before none of our animals are for eating or hunting. They are purely for our petting pleasure and entertainment. GI Joe thought it especially important this year now that Herky has matured into a fine looking specimen of a turkey that we protect him. Keep in mind, Herky never wanders further away than our backyard so if we have turkey hunters shooting in our front or backyard we've got problems and I'll likely unleash the fury of my air pistol on them. But just to be safe GI Joe picked up this safety vest for Herky to wear until turkey season is over. We don't want to take any chances. And really, GI Joe just thought it would be funny to have a turkey walking around in a hunting vest. We're all about trying to impress the neighbors...obviously.
No, they don't make safety vests for turkeys, this is meant for a small dog but it's a perfect fit. I think it's quite dashing don't you?!?

And here's GI Joe getting Herky dressed. A first here at the Koons Zoo. Oh wait, there was that one time when I dressed Pigxie the Pork Princess up in a dress and tried to paint her hooves....never mind. Let's just say we've never dressed one of our animals in a blaze orange vest.

And then because it was so cold outside and the lighting just didn't do Herky's vest justice we moved the photo shoot inside. That's right, inside the house. Once you've had a llama in your kitchen it's all relative. It's just who we are what can I say?

I think we're looking at the next Tyson chicken ad campaign right here. Herky is available for public appearances, birthday parties, company outings, etc. Book him now before the ad campaign takes off.
I'd love to be a fly on the wall tomorrow at school when the kids are talking about what they did last night. I can hear it now:
Other kids: "I had soccer practice and then watched TV with Mom and Dad."
Dakota: "Oh yeah? Well my Dad bought our turkey a safety vest and after we got him dressed in it, my Mom brought him in the house to take his picture. And then I made him an Eat Chicken sign for the picture and then I played with him for awhile before my Mom took him back outside."
Yep we're totally normal.



  2. Poor turkey~but it is funny, especially Dakota's sign!

  3. Hilarious, great idea to keep Herky the Turkey safe. By the way...awesome name for the turkey!!!

  4. LOL love it! I have a hard time dress up the dog!

    Glad I found your blog!