Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I had planned to blog last night but the kids informed me that it was "Unplugged" night. Apparently, last week Ryder and I had signed a form that was sent home from school stating that on Monday, March 2 we would unplug the TV, computer, video games, etc and spend time reading instead. (Note to self: I should read things more thoroughly before signing my name.) Seriously, we read together every night so I kind of resent that the school is telling us what we should or should not do in the evenings. I have issues with authority I know. I asked Blade where his form was and he responded with "I didn't want to do that so I didn't sign my name!" See what teaching them to think for themselves gets ya? Since Ryder and I had both signed our name and turned our form back in promising to go "unplugged" last night we did honor our commitment. Until the kids went to bed of course, and then I indulged in about 45 minutes of mindless TV. The school can't boss me after bedtime!
And now on to the weekend recap:
On Friday night, my friend Annette and I went to a craft show at the fairgrounds. If you'll recall the family and I were there a few weeks ago for a Fisherman's Swap Meet. When we were there for the Fisherman's Swap Meet I laughed because they were selling bottles and cups of beers and I thought it par for the course given the attendees of the event. Joke was on me though when we walked into the craft show and sure enough they were selling beer at the concession stand. Now I do have to give props to the event coordinators for this plan because it does 2 things: 1) is used by the ladies who forced their husbands to attend with them to soften the blow 2) ladies get liquored up and buy all kinds of crap that they'll regret the next day. And trust me there were ladies there drinking it up like they were at a bachelorette party or something! Annette and I stuck with our Diet Cokes and shopped responsibly. Our only mishap was not alcohol related. It was when we were browsing at a table of baby blankets and there was a infant carrier on the table with what looked like a mannequin baby in it, covered by one of the sample blankets. But then the mannequin baby moved and I screamed, jumped, and declared that I thought it was a dummy baby. I have so much poise sometimes it's frightening.
Saturday, the Pink Power kitchen makeover began. It went from cheery yellow with blue accents to a soothing olive green with you guessed it....pink accents. IT. IS. AMAZING. Even more amazing than how pretty and totally me it is, is the fact that my very manly husband, armed with a sewing machine and the material I ordered online, whipped up a valance and a table runner in about 30 minutes on Sunday night. Yep, that's right, he fishes, hunts, paints, fixes stuff, wrestles livestock AND sews! How did I get so lucky? He credits his Mom and Home Ec class for his ability and to both I am deeply indebted. I also took Home Ec but only passed due to my exceptional culinary and wedding planning abilities. The sewing part nearly did me in, my shorts were uneven, I kept getting thread tangled up and breaking the sewing machine needle! I want to sew, I really do but he's just so much better and faster at it. The entire time he was sewing he kept grumbling about how "gay" he looked and would occasionally sing a show tune, you know the one about the tailor? Which between you and me didn't help his case much. Meanwhile, Blade was narrating and asking me, "Mommy, are you going to blog about Daddy sewing?" You bet your boots I am. I was going to take pictures but I thought that would be pushing it and I still have another valance I need done! :)

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  1. Too bad about the picture of GI Joe sewing~I would have sent that on to Mark to laugh at!!