Friday, January 7, 2011

A World Record & Photo Friday

This week I've accomplished two things I've never done before.  1) Gotten up early, REALLY early 5 DAYS in a row to do weight loss yoga with my on again off again now on again boyfriend Bob and 2) blogged 5 days in a row! 
What is happening?  Clearly, you should stock up on non perishables and generators because the apocolypse is upon us. 
Today, because I'm exhausted and barely able to lift my arms or walk without hobbling and groaning and moaning, I give you photo Friday. 

Bubba hopes you had a very Merry Christmas

Ryder wants to know what you think of his new 'do.  He's growing it out. 

Frosted trees and pretty snow.  It's all melted now and everything is a not so lovely shade of brown. This picture reminds me of better days.

So does this...

Happy Friday wherever you are or wish you were!

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