Monday, January 24, 2011

Oops I Did It Again

and unlike Britney, I'm not talking about playing with your heart or getting lost in the game. 

(And now you'll have Britney Spears stuck in your head all're welcome.)

I'm talking about getting pulled over...again.  It's becoming increasingly obvious that the PMobile is a cop magnet.  No, it has nothing to do with the operator of said vehicle, it's purely the vehicle. 

Or not.

Tonight, a Monday night, my least favorite night of the week because it involves chauffering kids to 123 different activities and locations, and I am unable to change into my PJ's and slipper socks until well after 7:30 which is completely UNACCEPTABLE, I got pulled over. 

I happened to be talking to my sister Hilary on the phone while driving down a lonesome stretch of a back country highway to take Dakota to piano lessons, not really paying attention to my speed but it felt slow enough, when I saw the State Patrol car coming toward me in the opposite lane.  Of course I noticed too late and saw the flashing as he quickly did a U turn so he could come say hi to me.  The good news is that I had time to slyly put on my seat belt (buckle up for safety, buckle up! perhaps I should've done that when I got IN the car instead of as I was being pulled over..minor details.)  The bad news is that I did NOT have time to reapply lip gloss.  No lip gloss when being pulled over?  Uh oh this was not good.  I pulled over and patiently waited for my sentencing.  Dakota and Ryder were in the backseat providing commentary such as, "Oh boy here we go again," and "What did you do now?"  and "Wonder how much it's gonna cost you THIS time".  Children are such a joy aren't they? 
The nice officer came to my window and asked for the usual.  Happy to oblige I handed everything over to him.  This wasn't my first rodeo if you know what I'm saying.  Except he quickly handed me back what I thought was my license and said, "Don't need this I already have a Costco membership, let's try that again."  Apparently, my Costco membership is NOT interchangeable with my license.  Oops.  I dug out my real license and handed it to him.  He then told me why I had been pulled over which was good because I thought maybe he just wanted to say "heeeeeey."  He asked me if I was aware that I was speeding and mentioned that I may not have noticed my speed since I was on the phone.  Uh oh busted.  He then informed me that I had been travelling 63 mph in a 55 mph zone and also that my rear left brake light was out.  I probably let out an audible sigh of relief because only 8 mph over the speed limit?  I am slowing down in my old age.  No mention of my lack of seatbelt or scolding for talking on my phone.  I humbly admitted my wrong doing and that yes, I probably didn't realize my foot had gotten a little heavy on the gas since I was talking on the phone and apologized.  He then took my information and went back to do his thing in his car and I took the opportunity to apply lipgloss..obviously.
If there were a comment card to fill out for the service provided by the Iowa State Patrol I would definitely give this guy high marks for his efficientness (if that's even a word).  He was so quick.  Maybe because he went back, typed in my info, saw my spotless record and what a law abiding citizen I am, and decided there were bigger fish to fry, hardened criminals to catch and to let this innocent chauffeur mom off the hook.  He came back to my window, handed me my information and then a nice big WARNING and told me to have a good night.  A warning ya'll!!!!!!  THAT'S what I'm talking about.  Lipgloss optional, and frankly I didn't know that could even be done.  And we still made it to piano lessons on time.  Talk about speedy, er....great service! 

My recent string of bad luck just might be broken, just like my brake light. 

Roll on highway roll on. 

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