Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Keepin' It Classy

In case you haven't noticed, this makes the 4th day of posting IN A ROW!  This from the blogger who could at times go 10 days between posts!  4 posts in 4 days?!?  I don't even know who I am anymore.  Don't get used to it, you know about my will and resolve.  (ex:  New Year's Resolutions 2010=Fail.)

The title feels very familiar and I may or may have not used it before but what can I say it's a way of life around here. 
The other day we had a pretty good snowfall and the temperatures were in the DOUBLE digits.  In Iowa in the winter, double digits are huge.  Well, not literally, but 35 degrees sure feels like a heat wave when the next day it may or may not be 12 degrees BELOW zero.  So with the heat wave of 35 and fresh fallen snow on the ground, I donned my bathing suit NON-PINK Carhartts (Carhartt will be hearing from me very soon, I am not one to be ignored as they will soon find out) and went outside to play in the snow with the kids.  To kick off our winter wonderland festivities, I took them hillbilly sledding.  It looks a little something like this...
A rescue toboggan long enough to hold 3 kids and a pug pulled by the 4 wheeler.  This is lots of fun as long as the driver of the 4 wheeler (in this case me) is a responsible and good driver.  I think you know where this is going.  I didn't think I was going that fast, until I happened to glance behind me and noticed that the sled was upside down and was empty.  Then I stopped and looked back further and found 3 kids in various spots along the route face first in the snow some crying, some wailing, but all saying things like, "MOMMY didn't you hear us tell you to SLOW DOWN?!?  You flipped us and now I have frostbite on my nose, face, etc"  Oh oops.  In my defense, I think the sled went over a cowpie or a mound of horse droppings which dislodged the kids from the sled, so really it wasn't my driving.  The rest of the sledding was done cautiously and was more of leisurely sleigh ride than adrenaline pumping fast paced sledding.  I guess we'll get back to that when GI Joe takes over as driver.  Lightweights. 
And this is when I let Blade drive.  Not.

After our sledding adventures, we headed to the meadow aka our front yard where we can build a snowman and pretend that he is Parson Brown (p.s. WHO is Parson Brown?) Within 5 minutes, the oldest and the youngest wimped out and headed for the warmth of the house making accusations of frostbite from the sled upheaval they'd been thru, leaving Blade and I to construct snowmen (and women, we're equal opportunity) masterpieces.  It was dangerous work as rolling snow into a ball in a yard that 4 dogs use for their outdoor activities is kind of a crapshoot...pun intended.  But our snowman turned out adorable..once we got all the brown spots concealed. 

Nothing says Frosty like psychedelic eyes made of Candy Cane Tootsie Pop Drops or broken Christmas ornaments or a Starburst smile, am I right?  Speaking of Candy Cane Tootsie Pops, have you tried them?!?  Hurry and stock up on them while they're 75% off, sweet mercy are they ever delightful. 

We were pleased with our work and moved our workspace to the front ditch to get a bigger audience of viewers.  We decided the one in the ditch that everyone driving by should be bigger and better than the one hidden from the road by bushes in the front yard. And I do mean better....
Such a beauty huh?  Notice the cranberry belly button.  I have to admit that once I whipped out the bikini and pink hair Blade washed his hands of this snowwoman.  So yes, I spent a good 30 minutes outside by myself dressing our snowwoman.  I think my extra effort was well worth the time investment.  The bikini was just happy to see the light of day after laying dormant in my drawer since OUR HONEYMOON...13 + years ago.  She wore it well. 
As you can imagine traffic by our house slowed considerably the rest of the day.  Usually, when people slow down it's to gawk at the emus or the gay llamas in pornographic positions but today it was all about the snowwoman.  As usual we're just keepin' it classy!

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