Monday, January 10, 2011

Phone Follies

Last Sunday I had a fairly substantial, even dare I say, monumental, blonde moment. 

After playing a little mind game with myself last Sunday afternoon, wherein I promised myself that if I undecorated the house in 2 hours, I'd have enough time to go shopping before church.   Yes, I bribed myself.  Listen, every time I have to take down all the Christmas decorations I feel anything but merry and bright and mumble and grumble about how next year we'll have a tree and stockings and that's it.  My family typically just roll their eyes at me and my empty threats because they know that next year when it's time to decorate I won't be able to resist putting out "just a few snowmen" or getting out "just a few more totes of Christmas decorations".  Anyway, the mind game kinda worked because I made good time undecorating the house, so it was only right that I got to go shopping.  I picked Blade up at his friend's house where he'd been for a birthday party and we headed into town.  We went to the mall and had a great time shopping.  He's one cool kid and I love hanging out with just him, especially since he still holds my hand and tells me which pink sunglasses I should buy.  As we were leaving the mall I pulled my phone out of my pocket because I had a missed call.  And then I put it back or so I thought....duh duh DUH......(the suspense builds)
We drove the 18 minutes home and I went to put my phone on the charger because the battery was running low.  Except that when I went to do that I couldn't find it.  I dumped out my purse, looked through the PMobile, checked pockets, the whole  bit...and NADA.  Then I had GI Joe repeat still nothing.  I called it but then quickly hung up because I thought that I had accidentally called GI Joe's phone.  But before I hung up I was sure I heard someone pick up on my cell phone, but I hung up before this registered with my brain.  We called and sent 911 texts to it hoping the perp would answer it again but alas he/she did not.  At least it was a smart criminal that stole my phone.  But since I couldn't 100% confirm that someone did have it I decided to drive back to the mall to see if by chance it was still laying in the parking lot. 
The whole drive back to the mall I was kinda freaking out just because I had just gone through the hassle of getting a new phone and also because I would lose all of my contacts.  And how on earth would I ever replace the phone numbers of all the rich and famous people I had in there?  Not to mention, what if they hacked into my facebook and posted an inappropriate status update?!?  Oh the horror.  You can imagine my distress. 
I got back to the mall parking lot and drove slowly past the spots I passed on the way to my parking spot earlier and then parked near my previous spot.  I didn't see my phone during my driveby so I got out to do a foot search.  I was nearly in tears as I got back in the PMobile after the foot search was unsuccessful.  I reached into the front pocket off my purse to get lip gloss of all things, (hey the cold air made my lips dry!) and lo and behold, there was my phone.  It was a miracle!  I really have no idea how it got there because I had literally turned my purse upside down at home and it wasn't there.  It had to be divine intervention.  I was missing church to search for my phone after all. 
Obviously, he was relieved and especially glad that I clarified that it was his wife and not a criminal. 
You know those clips they had for mittens to clip them to the sleeves of kids' coats?  I need those for my cell phone.  First person who jerryrigs one of those up for me wins a prize.  Seriously, this is becoming a reoccurring problem. 
How does that saying go?  Blondes just want to have more fun?  You know what else this blonde wants to do?  Hang on to her phone.  It's good to have goals. 

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