Thursday, August 5, 2010

National LampKoons Vacation '10: Continued

We happened to be in San Diego for the 4th of July and had a prime fireworks viewing spot on North Island Naval Base at Coronado Island. Sometimes it pays to have military connections. From our vantage point, we got to watch 4 sets of synchronized fireworks that were strategically placed all around San Diego Bay so no matter where you looked you saw fireworks. It was A.Mazing. Dear California, I'm gonna go ahead and let the fact that you had no welcome sign for us as we entered your state and also your whole harebrained fish ladder project go because your fireworks were just so darn amazing.

Also while at North Island Naval Base, I was hanging out the sunroof taking pictures of the ships docked there because one of them happened to be the one McDreamy was stationed on several years ago. He had drawn us a very specific "McD Map" identifying it, so it was imperative that I photodocument it for him. Apparently, taking pictures on an active military base is frowned upon, or so said the signs posted everywhere. I'm sure they were just teasing so it was totally fine. I mean, it's not like I was breaching national security or anything.

The next day we ventured up to Point Loma Lighthouse. It was very cool, no literally, it was FREEZING. The lighthouse was really something though and I decided I kinda want to live in a lighthouse, but only if I can replace the light in the tower with a hot pink party bulb.

After the lighthouse, we went to Belmont Park, a beachside amusement park. It was an adorable place. It was here that GI Joe and I embarrassed our children greatly by riding a kiddie ride with them and making scared faces and screaming, "WE'RE GONNA DIE!" for the duration of the ride. At one point, one little girl in the front of the ride turned around and calmly said to us, "Calm down, we're NOT going to die." It was a proud moment for our children.

Another sight that we had to see according to the vacation spreadsheet was "Seal Beach" aka La Jolla aka the Children's Pool. This is an area of beach that seals hang out on. It was so neat to see hundreds of seals beached on the sand. It was also really neat to see the "activists" manning the Save the Seals table at the beach FREAK OUT when people walked too close to the seals. I mean we're talking full on megaphone assault. As badly as I wanted to pet the seals I didn't think my Koons Zoo zookeeper credentials would get me very far w/ the activists so in a rare display of restraint I only admired them from afar. Well, that and the seals smelled really, REALLY bad.

Another Christmas card fail, thanks for the enthusiasm kids. 

Speaking of the smell of sea life, we went to Sea World. We love Sea World and can now proudly say that we've been to every Sea World in the U.S. which equals 3. A few funnies from Sea World:

*I tried to get a cute picture mid ride while the 5 of us were crammed into a teacup type ride only to be yelled at over the intercom by the ride operator to PUT MY CAMERA AWAY WHILE THE RIDE WAS IN MOTION. And then as if on cue my camera flew out of the spinning teacup and landed squarely on the concrete. Then for the rest of the ride everyone kept pointing at the forlorn camera laying on the ground. Lesson learned, I will obey ride rules from now on. My camera made a full recovery.

Just seconds before the camera took a flying leap.

*As we were getting ready to watch the Shamu show one of the kids whispered loudly, "I hope the trainers remembered NOT to put their hair in a ponytail, remember what happened to that one killer whale trainer?!? That would be horrible if we saw a trainer killed by Shamu tonight." Nice kids, and not the least bit traumatizing to the young, sheltered kids around us. FYI, since that tragic incident at Sea World Orlando the trainers no longer get in the water with the killer whales.  It's kind of a bummer and the show isn't nearly as amazing now but who could blame them? 

*I tried to put these penguins in my pocket.  That is all. 

*It is very difficult for me to go to any zoo or animal exhibit and not be able to pet the animals.  I don't really understand why every zoo and Sea World can't be like the Koons Zoo where everything is pettable.  Since no matter how I tried I couldn't pet Shamu, I tried a different approach.  This approach was to inform my marine loving brainiac daughter of her future career path.   She is to become a marine biologist and then work as a killer whale trainer so that I could have a backstage pass to Shamu and finally get to pet him (or her).  She, having a mind of her own and all (no idea where she got that from), adamantly disagreed with my request and informed me that when she is a marine biologist she will train dolphins and the occasional sea lion but NOT killer whales.  Fine, I'll settle for petting dolphins. 
This is as close as we got. 

To be continued....again.....

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