Saturday, January 30, 2010

Disturbing Images

I'm gonna give you a brief glimpse into my every day world. You've probably thought I've been exaggerating about my daughter, the oddest child I've ever known. I haven't been. In fact, I've spared you. But now, I think you're ready. As ready as you'll ever be.
OK I've told you how she's so NOT a typical girl and how much she enjoys hunting and fishing and just getting dirty in general. This meant that her Christmas list had NONE of the things that graced the lists of other 10 year old girls. No sirree. At the top of this girl's list? A crossbow, an inflatable deer target were among the top 2. Yeah that's right a crossbow and an INFLATABLE DEER TARGET.
Santa came thru w/ the crossbow (pink camo by the way) and Nana and Papa came thru w/ the inflatable deer target.

I don't think she was the least bit happy about that, do you?
We did our Christmas w/ my family in a hotel w/ an indoor water park so when she opened this we were in our hotel room. Of course, we couldn't wait until we got home to test it out. Oh no, we had to inflate it right then and there.

Words just seem so inadequate to describe this.

And then she "stalked" and "hunted" the deer until finally...FINALLY...she got that big buck.

And the she posed for a picture like a real hunter who's just nailed the monster trophy buck. Sadly, I don't think this one will mount very well on the wall. Darn. You just might looking at the future face of the Outdoor Channel.

Maternity tests are pending, I just don't think she can possibly be related to me. :)


  1. Dakota- I love you for who you are even, if you are a little odd.:) Way to get that deer!

    Aunt Hilary

  2. Funny!! I don't think Dakota will ever be interested in Black Friday shopping with you unless it is a sporting goods store. (sigh!)