Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Our kids have reached that age. The age where we, the parents, go from being young and cool to being old and gross. PUHLEASE.

Exhibit A: Our kids have never thought much of GI Joe and I flirting, sharing compliments, or affection in front of them...until recently. I was getting ready for work and I walked out into the living room where GI Joe and the kids were and asked, "Does this outfit make me look bad?" to which he responded, "No, I think you look HOT!" Awww how sweet right? According to our kids..WRONG. Blade and Dakota got these looks on their faces and Dakota burst out and said, "Ummm did he just say you looked HOT? That was soooooo INAPPROPRIATE!" Oh no she didn't. While I'll admit he was being very generous as I was most definitely NOT having a "hot day", but still how dare she try to take my hotness away from me!!! I asked her why she thought that was "inappropriate" to which she responded, "He called you HOT, that's just inappropriate especially when there are kids around. Blade and Ryder are too young to hear such things.You guys shouldn't say things like that too each other."

Wait just one minute...this is the same girl who thought it APPROPRIATE to pass gas (loudly) in front of Miss Hoity Toity at horseback riding lessons but it's INAPPROPRIATE for her dad to pay her mom a compliment in the comfort of their own home? Wow, where did we go wrong? :)

So yeah in just a few short years we've gone from young, hip, HOT parents to parents who are not to be viewed in such a manner and are strictly on this earth to take care of their needs. Ouch, wasn't ready for that..I'm ONLY 31!!!

Exhibit B that apparently we are strictly parents: GI Joe was working late and I was talking to him on the phone when I said to him, "I think we should have a date night soon, we haven't had one in awhile." Blade just happened to overhear and you would've thought that I said, "I think I'm going to grow a 3rd eye and dye my hair green." He gave me this look of utter disgust and contempt and went running off to tell his brother and sister the disturbing news, about my 3rd eye, I mean date night. Pretty soon I had a jury of 3 putting me on trial about this "date night" thing. Here's an excerpt of the trial, er, conversation:

Blade: "Why would you say you were going to go on a date with Daddy?"
Me: "Because I want to."
Ryder: "OK that's just weird."
Me: "Why is that weird?"
Dakota: "Because you guys shouldn't go on dates YOU'RE MARRIED..duh"
Me: "Umm excuse me married people still go on dates."
Blade: "I think that's unnecessary. You had plenty of time to date before you got married."
Dakota: "Yeah, that's gross."
Me (bewildered): "We can go on a date if we want to, you're not the boss of us." (wait, who's the parent here?)
Blade: "But you already went on a date, like 15 years ago, before we were born, that's enough." (Editor's note: While it was AGES ago it wasn't quite 15 years..but thanks Blade..really.)
Me: "You're allowed more than one date in a lifetime and now I REALLY need to go on that date with Daddy."
Dakota: "Can you just NOT call it a date, that's totally weird."

They finally gave up and walked away but not without lots of eyerolling, exasperated sighs, and murmurings of inappropriateness from parents. I'm expecting a call from the school counselor any day now.

Think I should tell them that if it weren't for "date nights" they wouldn't be here? :)

Oh won't they be so thrilled when our date nights involve chaperoning them on their dates? Ha ha..joke's on them! Ahhh sweet paybacks.......
This picture doesn't really have to do with anything, except that it was taken before one of our controversial dates, before it was controversial. Also, I would just like to point out that I think GI Joe looks HOT. Who wouldn't want to date him? Kids just don't understand. :)


  1. That's funny! Our kids would get grossed out if they see us kiss or hugging. So I say to them, "Would you rather see us happy and love each other, or would you rather see us fighting and not like each other?" They then say, okay, go ahead and kiss!!!