Monday, January 4, 2010


the newest member of the Koons Zoo. It's not a zebra (sadly), or a reindeer (still working on that), or a bird or's a PUG.

Dexter Allen Koons the Pug to be exact. Not like Dexter the serial killer from FOX. More like Dexter from the pug names website on our friend the internet. Because YES, someone actually searched the internet looking for pug names (and it wasn't me.) He also answers to THE PUG, Puppy, Pugster, Dex, Pugsley, and a myriad of other things as long as you use that special "puppy voice". You know the one, high pitched, goochie goochie goo talk that you'd be mortified if the world heard you. Yeah that one.

But he's SO pug-a-licious you just can't help yourself. Check him out.

He has wrinkles, snores, breathes thru his nose, has bug eyes, short legs, sounds like a Gremlin when barks, and yet we find him absolutely adorable. Can you imagine a profile reading like that and being successful? Oh if only we were all pugs.

Santa brought him for a certain short one in our house that has been campaigning, researching, PLEADING for a pug for the past 2 years. Any guesses who? Again, NOT me. Although I have I'm a sucker for puppies...and emus....and pot bellied pigs.....and well you get the point. Needless to say, Santa didn't really have to sweet talk this Mama too much.

But he's ALL Blade's as I often remind him when it's time to take puppy outside or feed him or clean up a mess. ;)

Definitely a Christmas morning he won't forget. The look on his face when the suspicious looking package under the tree WHINED? Priceless.

Dexter is fitting right in with the other 2 dogs.

Or not......

He may be little but he is the only one with a snuggie to match his master's. That's gotta count for something.

Now if you'll excuse me I've got to go hug a pug. Good night all!


  1. Ever since I saw 'Men in Black II' I've wanted a pug, just so I could name it Frank!

  2. So cute!! Blade's a lucky boy!

  3. What a CUTE puppy~even though I hate dogs...that's why we got rid of ours :)
    FYI~I see "someone" in their undies(pic w/bike). Be glad it wasn't GI Joe in his roos, since editing on that picture was forgotten ;) LOL

  4. Calamity Anne-Frank was definitely on the "name list" for that very reason. All pugs look like Franks to me.
    Julie-I was wondering about your dog since you haven't mentioned it in forever. Thank you for not asking me to take it because I get that alot and also have a very hard time saying no. ;) I didn't even notice Ryder in his 'roos, that's hilarious. They all went to bed in cute coordinating christmas PJ's and Ryder comes stumbling out the next morning in his tightie whities. See what you have to look forward to?!?