Friday, October 2, 2009

A Special Place on the Prayer Chain for the Likes of Me

You know how GI Joe is constantly playing jokes on me (and others)? Well, like father like son, his Dad aka our pastor is the same way. He is forever tricking someone or getting them to believe something that really isn't so only for the person to say, "Are you serious?" and him to answer with "No." I've been the victim MANY times so when the opportunity PRESENTED itself to me last night to give him a taste of his medicine I jumped on the chance. What's a girl to do?
I was in the driveway doing something when he drove by last night. He stopped and handed me his cell phone that had his sister, Aunt Debbie, on the line. He told me to talk to her about our menu plans for a family cookout we're having tonight, while he ran home. I hung up with Debbie and he still wasn't back yet and that's when inspiration struck.
He's been the pastor of our small church for a LONG time and occassionally teases about retiring. He's bi-vocational so he has a regular full time job as well and it's just a lot to juggle sometimes. Being a smaller church we have a very tight knit congregation and are like family.
Back to the story, so here I was with the "Joker's" cell phone unsupervised..hmmmm. I went into his Contacts and found the names of 2 deacons (one being GI Joe's brofriend John and the other being Scott, another longtime friend of GI Joe's) and sent them the following text from his phone, "I've been doing a lot of thinking and I will be resigning as pastor on Sunday. Please don't try to change my mind." SEND. I ran into the room where GI Joe was and was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. Somehow I was able to get out what I'd done. Being the supportive husband he is, he laughed and prepared to field phone calls about it. Father in law was STILL not back yet so I had time to erase the messages from his sent items. I cover all my bases. I then called my mother in law and told her what I'd done in case she got calls from concerned deacons regarding the text. She laughed so hard I'm fairly certain there were tears running down her face. I kept waiting for a response to come thru but nothing, I think the recipients were in shock. Finally, he came back and I gave him his phone as if nothing had happened. He drove off into the sunset. GI Joe and I were on pins and needles....waiting. About 15 minutes later, FIL called GI Joe and said, "Did you guys send a text to Scott (deacon) saying I was resigning the church?" Of course GI Joe and I being the honest, moral, upstanding people that we are said, "No." FIL then said, "I checked my sent items and there was nothing in there but Scott just called me all upset that I was resigning the church. That is too weird, I have to get to the bottom of this." GI Joe: "That is weird, good luck." See why he makes such a good partner in crime? And he was totally believable.
About 15 minutes later we thought it was time to fess up before FIl suffered heart attack #3 and before the prayer chain got activated with the message of "Pastor is resigning the church" sending the entire congregation into shock. Ooh that reminds me sometime I need to tell you the story of the prank we pulled on the prayer chain one time...seriously. That sounds bad, it really wasn't on the "prayer chain" persay it was again on FIL using the prayer chain. This isn't our first rodeo! Anyway, GI Joe called his dad and told him that I had done it. He got a kick out of it and was impressed by my prankster skill level (duh). He later called back just to say that he "thoroughly enjoyed that and we got him good." Yeah I know we rock. We then heard from Scott the Deacon who basically said all kinds of things about me being "evil" and a "troublemaker" and how he nearly had a heart attack and that paybacks are terrible. Bring it Scott, bring it. :) Turns out Deacon #2, John the Brofriend, never got the text so was strangely silent throughout all of this. And because we couldn't let him be left out of the loop, GI Joe called him and asked in the most serious voice, if he'd gotten the text from his Dad about resigning the church. Poor John was sick in bed and kept saying, "No way" but he was totally starting to believe it. Then he said, "Are you serious?" to which GI Joe responded, "No." Then he told John what had gone down but our fun was kind of dampened by him not getting the text. We later got this text from John, "I did get the text...not cool...but funny now that I know." Dear John-As a deacon of the church it is imperative that even when you are deathly ill in bed, that you have your phone readily available so that you receive texts immediately. You never know when something of utmost importance might come through. It is election time you know, better be at the top of your deacon game. :)
So yeah there's a special place on the prayer chain for the likes of those who intentionally mess with the pastor and I'm on it. That's how I roll.

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