Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A few weeks ago we celebrated GI Joe’s birthday with his family. His aunt was so excited to give him this card.

GI Joe opened it and laughed at the Happy 90th Birthday since he’s no spring chicken at the old age of 32, but he hasn’t quite hit THAT milestone yet. Aunt Debbie was laughing hysterically and kept saying, “OPEN IT!! OPEN IT!!!” GI Joe opened it and found this.

Yep, same card. No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, he had to actually turn it sideways because the cardmaker switched the card’s orientation from portrait on the front to landscape in the middle. But that’s not all, read the sentiment again. That’s right, it’s “wishing you every happiness during Easter and throughout the whole year.” Now do what we all did 3 times and look at the first picture again to make sure that it wasn’t in fact an Easter card. Nope, still says Happy 90th birthday. He flipped the card over to see if that’s where they’d hidden the punch line, you know the one that said “Ha! Ha! You’re so old that you don’t even know if it’s Easter or your 90th birthday. Happy 32nd Birthday!” But alas, there was no punch line, well not a real one anyway. “Special cards for special people” pretty much sums it up though, but if you ask me they should add “made by special people” to it. Quality Control much?

Can you imagine the pure mental agony this card would’ve caused someone who was actually turning 90? Cruel and wrong. :)

Aunt Debbie looking illiterate when she asked the cashier at the store to read the card to her, and the look on the cashier’s face when she too was puzzled by the 2 in 1 Birthday/Easter combo card=PASS

Aunt Debbie also calling over the store manager to read the card aloud and then asking him if she could get a discount on the card=PASS
(P.S. She did NOT get a discount on the card…the injustice.)

But this card=Definite FAIL.

For more “Fails” to make you shake your head in bewilderment and chuckle out loud, check out this very funny site

Happy Easter!


  1. You found a fail! Sweet! I find myself looking for fails now. In Homemakers, I saw a sign on a door leading to a meeting room. The sign read: "No employees beyond this point". So, what, are the customers supposed to use the meeting room? I took a picture of it with my cell phone, but let's face it: I'll never take it off my phone because I don't know how. After all, I still haven't set up my voice mail account and it's been about 4 months. Maybe more. I am fail.

  2. I look for fails too :) (PP this is Sara P from Jessie's blog... I lurk your site too :)) haha! There's a ton of construction going on in the building I work in. They blocked off one exit to create another, but left the doors intact. Now there's a sign on the door that's blocked off that says "Not a Door." But it is a door. Just not an exit. Fail