Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Broke My Eyebrow

So raise your hand if you've ever been standing in front of a door and when you opened it you ended up hitting yourself in the head with said door because you misjudged your distance from the door and also how far you were actually opening the door? We're all friends here it's okay to admit it. Surely I'm not the only one right? Right?!?

So MAYBE that happened to me over the weekend. When it happened I actually saw stars (they were pretty), wiped the tears stinging my eyes because I'm a tough farm girl and can't cry over things like hitting myself in the head with a door, and then took some Advil because it gave me a bad headache (which now we know was probably a concussion.) All was fine until a few days later while drying my hair I bumped my eyebrow and was in immediate, excruciating pain. It throbbed all of that day and the area around my eyebrow was squishy, most likely from the hemotobin smobin that had formed. (I totally made that up, except for the squishy part.) I managed through the pain on the first day it bothered me figuring it would go away. The next morning when I woke up, I realized it hurt WORSE and that I was probably going to die. I informed everyone that I had broken my eyebrow and that this was probably the end for me. I'm a realist what can I say? There was no visual bruising, it was just very tender and sore and I had a terrible headache starting there and going behind my eye. Clearly, it was a very serious head trauma. A friend at work googled eyebrow injuries and sent me a link about how people that fall and/or hit their head a lot (aka me) will likely suffer brain injuries at some point in their life that could eventually kill them. The article also verified that there is in fact such a thing as a browbone, so there all you doubters!!!

Because I am a dedicated employee I somehow stayed at work even though I was suffering from a major head injury. Before I called the doctor's office to schedule an appointment to be seen for my eyebrow fracture I thought maybe I'd self treat. I asked McDreamy, who works part time at Home Depot and is good at building stuff, if he had any ideas for a splint to help with my injured eyebrow. At first he started telling me what I needed but Annette promptly told him that I was in no shape to build my own splint and he should do it for me. Thank goodness for Annette.

McDreamy delivered this to me shortly after the 911 message was sent to him. Coming soon to an ER near you.

I may make a full recovery thanks to my customized splint. I'm not sharing this with you to gain your sympathy, although I won't turn it away, I'm doing this because if I can help just ONE other person with a broken eyebrow, then it will be worth it. You are welcome.

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  1. My friend...your eyes look so pretty with your splint...nice pic....I will remember if it happens again that the EMT's are not to cut your clothes :-)We know something like this will happen again!