Sunday, August 2, 2009

At the Drive Thru

Scene: A sunny, bright day at the Taco John's drive thru

Characters: A blonde wearing wonky sunglasses because she broke them when she pulled them out of her purse but it was so bright out and she wanted to protect her eyes since they are her window to the world, that she wore them anyway, and who loves her some Tex Mex. Mmmm mmm good. Oh wait wrong franchise, my bad Campbell's. (My apologies for that ridiculous run on sentence, I just had a lot to say.)

For the sake of the story, we'll "pretend' that the above character is yours truly. Work with me here.

I ordered my food and pulled around to the window. Keep in mind the PMobile is rather giant and I'm rather inept at making sharp turns or fitting into narrow spaces with it. The Taco John's drive thru required both of the above. I pulled around at a rather cockeyed angle and stretched the approximate 10 feet from my car window to the cashier at the window to pay. The cashier was kind of looking at me strangely but I just chalked it up to my stellar driving/parking skills. I paid with exact change and then put my wait time to good use. I'm nothing if not a multi-tasker. I was very busy doing important things like responding to a message on facebook, applying lip gloss, reading the back cover of a book, addressing an envelope, etc. After awhile, I happened to look up and caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror and noticed my crazy sunglasses. I came to the realization that they were probably the reason for the strange looks from the cashier.

Then the thought crossed my mind, "Wow, wonder what's taking my food so long, I'm starving." As I looked up to adjust my sunglasses again since they wouldn't stay on straight (hmm wonder why?), I happened to notice the Taco John's employee at the next window sticking his head out, obviously looking for the customer who had gotten lost between the Pay Window and the Pick Up window. And that's when it hit me...."Oh my goodness, I FORGOT to pull up!!! I'm still at the Pay Window. Duh!!!!" By this time at least 5 minutes had gone by since I had paid. I considered peeling out and speeding past the window so as not to have to face the TJ employee who just witnessed me having a big, bad, blonde moment OR did I sacrifice my dignity, face my embarrassment, and most importantly get my food? I think we all know what I did right? I'm a growing (in waist size) girl who happens to be cheap and since I'd already paid there was no way I was leaving without my food. I pulled up, giggling, and told the kid, "I'm so sorry I was just having a blonde moment. Tee hee hee." To which he laughed and said, "That's ok I just didn't know what you were doing, I hope your food isn't cold." Always one to offer constructive criticism I told him, "You know the girl at the Pay Window really should've said something to me. Why would she just let me sit there? I mean really." He just looked at me, handed me my food, and turned around. I'm pretty sure he was going to find his manager immediately to implement my suggestion into the Taco John's drive thru window training manual. Either that or he couldn't take one more second of looking at me in my crooked, wacky glasses because yes, I still had them on. Hey it was really bright out! And at this point, I had no self respect left so why not just leave them on? And then take a horrible picture of me wearing them 2 days later solely for the purpose of this blog? I have no shame.

Dear Taco John's-I hope a lesson has been learned here and that appropriate changes will be made so that no other persons have to suffer the same mortification and cold food that I did. I'll be back to do a secret shopper type investigation. I'll notify you of the results. If this improper customer treatment continues I may have to drive the extra few miles to Taco Bell. They have a whole lotta Mexican going on too, just not as many drive thru windows. Also, you're welcome for the Break Room entertainment I provided, I do what I can. And yes, I am a natural blonde.


  1. had me rolling Friday when I heard the story, but now seeing you with your crooked but beautiful sunglasses....Jerry and I were rolling...we were actually crack me up my friend!

  2. Julie-those were pink on the sides, which I happened to accidentally rip off. Oops. My other pair are entirely pink complete with bling on the side, and sit nice and straight on my face. I don't get quite as many stares from fast food employees although I do get some jealous looks from 7 year old girls. :)