Monday, August 17, 2009

Ryder bo Byder

This post is almost a week overdue but I've been in denial. My baby, Ryder turned 6 on Tuesday. I'm not coping with the aging process of our youngest very well. Last year his birthday cake read "Happy Last Birthday Ryder" as we kept telling him that 5 was his last birthday, he was going to be 5 forever because we weren't going to let him get older. Plan failed as here we are a year later celebrating (mourning) again. So in honor of this special (heartbreaking) day, let me tell you a little bit about Ryder.

After we had Blade and had our perfect, one boy, one girl, even-numbered family, we kinda decided we were done having babies. I say kinda because Mr. I Only Want 2 Kids suddenly turned into Mr. Maybe I Want 3 Kids while Mrs. I Want 3 Kids turned into Mrs. No Really I'm Good With 2 Kids. After much discussion we decided that we were going to do something ahem...permanent to prevent having any more kids. Our doctor went thru the whole spiel about how no doctor would want to perform such an irreversible surgery when we were so young and only had 2 kids as many people change their minds and later regret their decision. I assured him that we were not one of those couples and we had a 2 Kid Plan and we were going to stick with it. He gave us some pamphlets and other information to read and said to call him back after we'd read everything and really thought about our decision. Well, I called him back alright. About 2 weeks later when I realized I WAS PREGNANT! Blade was not even a year old yet and Miss Type A Planner that I am, was stunned that our "plan" had been thrown for a loop. That loop is Ryder and I can't imagine life without him now, although sometimes I try when the fighting and whining gets really bad. Just kidding! Also, I'm sorry if that's way more than you ever wanted to know about our reproductive history. Just keepin' it real.

Ryder not only taught us a lesson in plans that are bigger than us, but he got us our membership to the exclusive 3 Kid Club. It's a pretty cool club...usually.

In honor of my surfer hillbilly boy here are 6 things we love about him:

*His eyes, his ocean eyes. Are they blue or are they green? Just depends, but they are gorgeous and I have no idea where he got them from (Schwan's man? Jordan Knight is brown eyed so it's not him...the mystery remains) I pity the girls he directs these bad boys at, they'll be putty in his hands. Not that that type of nonsense works on me, ever.

This was last year but I love how it shows off the eyes

*His sweet, shy side. He makes everyone (except us) work for his attention and affection. And because he's so darn cute, people do it. The "hard to get" thing totally works for him. The thought of him as a sixteen year old terrifies me because you know how girls go for that sort of game playing. He's already got it mastered, he's the only 6 year old I know who has girls ages 5 thru 29 (don't worry it's not creepy, it's just Cheri) in love with him. We're in for it.

*He's a goofball. He gets the giggles from the most ridiculous things and once he's got them, forget about maintaining any semblance of order.

*He's our very own Jack Jack (The Incredibles). Remember how I said he had a sweet, shy side? Well, he does but he can go from that nice little boy to a head spinning terror in .2 seconds. Once you get over the inital reaction of wanting to hold an exorcism, it's sort of endearing, because you can't help but laugh at the instant, yet drastic transformation that he undergoes. It's tamed down (a little) as he's gotten older but I'll still think deep down, he's always got the head spinner on standby, should it come to that, and he's not afraid to use it.

*He loves to do anything with GI Joe or I. There is nothing better in the world than seeing him hammering alongside his Daddy wearing his plastic kids toolset safety goggles or when he pulls up a stool to help me cook dinner or wants his toes polished when I'm doing mine (oh oops, I don't think GI Joe wanted that to get out, only "boy" colors I promise!) Those times MORE than make up for the head spinnning.

*Ummm he's my baby. Need I say more? He still gives me hugs and kisses (willingly) and has to sit on my lap to read a bed time story. Actually, I'm beginning to think he does these just to tighten the hold on me around his little finger but what's a mom to do?. When I tell him I don't want him to grow up he says, "but I'll always be your baby and I'll still give you hugs." You better believe I'll be holding him to that one. Although, I may give a little on him sitting on my lap for bedtime stories, that might be a little weird when he's a strapping teenager. He also LOVES my cooking. I mean obviously, I'm award winning and all, so that's not that big of a stretch but when he says stuff like, "If my wife can't make cheesy potatoes as good as you I'll just come over to your house," I melt. Wife? I don't think so. We just have a special bond and I'll treasure that forever.

And NO he's not my favorite, but IF I did have a favorite kid, he'd definitely be in the running.

Happy Belated Birthday Buddy! We love you, head spinning, Mickey Mouse voice, and all!


  1. Happy Birthday Ryder! I am so lucky to be the Aunt to one of the coolest kids ever. Love Ya!

  2. You bet I'm in love with him! And he's secretly in love with me too. I'm glad that your whole pregnancy plan was thrown for a loop. I don't know what I'd do without him in my life!
    Happy Birthday Ryder!!!