Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am working on some very inspiring, witty (not really it's still the same blog) posts but until they're ready here's some random thoughts and happenings. Bear with me.
*New Yorkers, how in the world do you take your Congressman seriously when his last name is WEINER? Like Oscar Meyer. Seriously, call me a 6th grader but I just couldn't do it. :)
*Annette and I went to see "Julie and Julia" (or is it Julia and Julie?), last night. Whatever it's called, we called it great! It was interesting, endearing, funny, and best of all had some delicious looking food. One thing you should know is when the French cooking school lady kept talking to Julia Child about "boning a duck", I was flabbergasted as duck sounded like something else to me. I couldn't figure out why they would be talking about their sexual encounters in cooking school?!? It wasn't until about 45 minutes later when they showed "boning a duck" in the cookbook on screen that the light bulb went off and I had to admit to Annette what I thought they'd been saying the whole time. We are now inspired to become French chefs who wear pearls in the kitchen (hint to our husbands). We've already mastered standard cooking (obviously), but I don't think Bootylicious Buffalo Chicken Dip is a recipe that made it into Julia Child's repertoire, shocking I know.
*We took the kids to "Back to School Night" last night. Imagine my dismay when we walked into Blade's classroom and sitting there putting her son's stuff away was THAT Mom, Bobette*. You know the one from the Barbed Wire incident? ( Blade and her son, Bob*, had been in the same kindergarten together but not 1st grade (relief), and I had hoped that they might possibly go the next 10 years of their scholastic career without being in the same class. Plan failed. It was pretty apparent she was less than thrilled to see us walk in as well. The bad news is she probably already told Blade's teacher that I was an imbecile who injured herself on barbed wire fences with a messy house that smelled like puke. On the bright side, more fodder for the blog this year. (*Names have been changed to protect the innocent..ME)
*Speaking of back to school, I've thoroughly enjoyed the scavenger hunt otherwise known as school supply shopping. And by thoroughly enjoyed I mean LOATHED. Seriously, it's pretty awesome when there are things on the list that a) I can't even imagine if and when it will be used in the classroom setting and b) are only available on the black market that can only be accessed if you have a cousin named Guido who knows somebody and so on. School supply lists are shady, can I get an amen? And I'm sure my inability to locate some of the items on the list had NOTHING to do with my procrastination. I'm also quite certain that my children will likely fail this year in school since I have not provided them with the proper resources. Add it to my Worst Mom application. Thanks.
*I recently discovered that on the back window of my Princess Mobile someone had written an in depth ad for the Koons Zoo and the blog. It said things like "Follow me to see the emus" and "Come see us" and "Read the blog" (complete with the blog address). I'm all about self promotion but who needs to do that when you have an entrepeneur for a daughter? This is the same girl who set up the milk stand in our driveway (5 miles out in the country) when she was in first grade. When asked why she didn't sell lemonade, she said "Because everyone sells lemonade and also because we only had milk in the fridge."
*Speaking of my strange yet brilliant daughter, GI Joe took her and her brothers to see "GI Joe" with him on Friday night. Not him but the MOVIE GI Joe. Can you believe it? They made a movie about him and he wouldn't even pose in front of the movie poster for me? Spoil sport. They all really enjoyed the movie. On Sunday, Dakota found a metallic jacket while school shopping, swiped a non-broken pair of my sunglasses and declared herself Scarlet from GI Joe. I told her she looked more like Hannah Montana to me but she showed me the National Guard tattoo on her hand that she'd gotten at the fair, and informed me she was National Guard Agent Scarlett. Then she wanted me to take her picture. You decide....


  1. All I have to say is...You have gorgeous children!!

  2. Annette Taylor WahlbergAugust 20, 2009 at 2:15 PM

    Okay, since I haven't seen GI Joe and I'm sure I never will I will have to go with Hannah Montana. You are going to have a lot to worry about with the boys when she gets older...she is a gorgeous girl!!