Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On a Steel Horse He Rides

Last night as I was cleaning up the remains of Typhoon Koons also known as Dinner, I heard the roar of a 4 wheeler engine. GI Joe had gone outside to do farmer stuff like mend the fence, clean out the chicken coop, and other such activities. As I looked out my kitchen window, I saw him on the 4 wheeler tearing around the back pasture. Not so out of the ordinary, looked like a typical joyride. A few minutes later I went outside to have him take me for a spin since it looked like fun. That's when I got a better look.
He wasn't joyriding after all. Instead, he was on a very serious quest. Pegasus, the mini horse, had escaped out of the barnyard into the pasture. So GI Joe did what any cowboy would do. He hopped on his four wheeler, lasso in hand, and chased him all over 40 acres, attempting to lasso him.
Some fun facts about this adventure:
*Akala, the Great Dane, is NOT a herding dog, even though she thinks she is. When she ran up to Pegasus and barked at him, it had just the opposite effect of herding. Pegasus took off in the other direction. That helped a lot, thanks Akala.

*It takes great coordination to drive a four wheeler with one hand and throw a lasso with the other. Sometimes something has to give. As GI Joe was attempting a sharp turn the steering hand slipped off and the 4wheeler flipped over. No worries, he jumped off so he wasn't hurt and more importantly (according to him), neither was the 4 wheeler.
*Our other, normal sized, horses do NOT enjoy the company of their miniature counterpart. They were "helping" GI Joe lead Pegasus back to his area by chasing him and attempting to bite him. Poor Pegasus. We need to get him a mini horse mate so he's not so alone in the world.
I watched in awe for a few minutes, amazed by just how hillbilly we are, when it dawned on me this was definitely something I needed to share with my blog readers, and went inside to get my camera. By the time I came back out, GI Joe had successfully lassoed Pegasus and led him back to the barnyard. But if you picture this scenario in your head and it looks utterly ridiculous and hilarious, that's exactly how it looked in person. Pegasus is only slightly traumatized. I think with some therapy, some extra sweet oats, and maybe a girlfriend he'll recover.
Don't worry, the cowboy will ride again. Next up to be lassoed and corralled into submission....the llamas. And I will definitely have my camera ready. Photo ops guaranteed.

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