Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I know I should keep it quiet until I am able to meet and plan with my lawyer, accountant and financial planner but I'm not one to keep things from you my faithful friends.

Here's the 411...

Once in awhile when the lottery jackpot gets in the triple millions I am compelled to go against my good Nazarene upbringing and deviate from my current status as an upstanding Baptist and buy a lottery ticket. I promise if I win I'll donate at least 10% to the church..honestly! So about a month ago I bought a lottery ticket. I've been carrying it around in my purse with the intentions of checking it. I just had a feeling it was a winner so was just biding my time until I was ready for my life to be drastically altered by a few mil. Ok in reality, I just kept forgetting about it.

Until today, when I was at QT on my lunch purchasing a 32 oz iced tea for the summer special price of 49 CENTS when I remembered. I pulled it out of my purse and asked the nice cashier to check it for me. I told him I was pretty sure it was a winner. He walked over to the lottery machine and suddenly turned around and said, "You were right, you ARE a winner!" I immediately started jumping around, yelling "I knew it! I knew it was a winner! I never win anything! Oh my goodness this is the best day ever." People were looking at me curiously, no doubt taking in every detail so they would be prepared for their Live at Five interview on Channel 8. And then he finished with "You won 7 dollars." Now some might think this would dampen my excitement but this is me we're talking about, and I was still thrilled to have won anything so I continued with my winner's song and dance, still drawing looks from innocent bystanders. The cashier quietly said, "Do you want to cash that out?" to which I responded with a blaring "YES!!! I want to hold my winnings in my hand. Give me that cold, hard cash! Oh I'm so excited I won!" He handed me my $7.00 and I skipped out of the store, I had people to notify. First call was to GI Joe. I asked him if he was sitting down. He said yes. I said, "Remember that lottery ticket I've been carrying around in my purse for like a month?" He said, "yes?" Nearly hyperventilating from the excitement I managed to squeak out "You'll never believe it....I ACTUALLY WON!!!" And would you believe rather than being excited and happy and calling the real estate agent to buy our beach house in Hawaii he said, "Yeah right." Dude, throw me a bone here..I just won the lottery. I explained that really I had won the lottery and that while it wasn't in the millions it was still something...7 dollars to be exact! You have to start somewhere right?

I went back to work and messaged Annette to tell her the exciting news. As I have a tendency to do when telling a story, I was dragging it out, really building up the suspense and by the time I typed that I had won 7 dollars she was shaking profusely, and running across the building to get to my desk to get the full scoop. She thought I had missed the decimal and that I had won 7,000 or 7 million. Enough that we were going on the NKOTB cruise next year for sure. Obviously, she wasn't nearly as enthusiastic when I told her it was in fact just 7 dollars.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I'm going to do with my winnings. Buy a zebra? Invest? Take this blog big time? Book the NKOTB cruise? Buy a frappuccino and try my luck with another ticket? So many decisions to be made. I'm leaning towards the frappuccino and the $1 back in the lottery. I have a good feeling this time, I feel it. Can't win if you don't play right? Might be a good time to save 1-800-BETS-OFF in my phone's speed dial. But when I DO win, I won't forget about you my blogging friends, I promise. And don't worry, even when I'm a few million richer I won't change. I'll still be the Prairie Princess, just with more friends and more animals. But because you were with me before the fortune and fame, I'll grant you free admission to pet my zebra. That's how I roll.

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