Thursday, July 16, 2009

National LamKoon's Summer Vacation Part 1

Have you missed me this week? Maybe in all the extra time you've had from not having to read my latest ramblings you've been able to check out the movies we've reviewed, or maybe you've cleaned a closet, or maybe you just went on about your lives not even thinking of me in which case my feelings are very hurt. Whatever you did while I've been away, rest assured........I'm baaaaaack.

We're en route right now from Virginia Beach to Washington D.C. Because I am a wife of compromise (not really, but sometimes I try really hard), after subjecting my history buff husband to a vacation solely based around beach activities with a historical tour of Jamestown thrown in for good measure, I agreed to scrap our original plans to visit my sister (again) in TN on the way back home from VA and instead we're taking the D.C. route. (Sorry sis!) Neither of us have ever been and we figured since we were only going to be 3 hours from it, we might as well hit it. Besides, after the kids watched Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian, they were thrilled with the prospect of visiting the real Smithsonian. I hope they aren't disappointed when the exhibits don't really come to life. I'm sure there will be tales to tell from that adventure. Stay tuned.

Here are a few memorable moments from the National LamKoons Summer Vacation so far:

*When Dakota looked over at me as we were climbing a 210 foot hill on one of the top 10 roller coasters in the world at Busch Gardens and said, "Mommy, I know this is horrifying for you but don't look down and also please don't scream like a girl." Why must she use such big words? P.S. I did scream like a girl but it was fantastic.

*While on our dolphin watching cruise in the Atlantic, we hit some rough water that made the boat go up and down. Blade giggled and said, "Ooooh that tickled my wienie." Nice, thanks for sharing.

*The woman at Busch Gardens who told GI Joe he had a "nice butt" as I was taking a picture of him and the kids. I told her thanks, I picked out the shorts that accentuated it.

*Ryder telling us at Busch Gardens after he went on his second roller coaster of the day, "I don't like the roller coasters that go high, or fast, or loop, or twist." Well, okay then back to the Teacups we go.

*The family on the Virginia Beach fishing pier who thought we were locals since our kids helped them unload their crab from the crab pots without getting pinched. No sirree, we just watch Deadliest Catch. Who says TV isn't educational?

*The sign at one of the roller coasters at Busch Gardens that said, "Due to the nature of this ride, we are unable to accommodate individuals with a chest measurement of greater than 52." Darn, I really wanted to ride that one. (Yeah right.)

*Witnessing the instant transformation of my husband, who went from relaxed, laid back GI Joe to militant, meticulous, drill sergeant, GI Joe every time we pulled into a military base. Which was often since we stayed several nights at a hotel on a Naval Base. I swear I thought he was going to pull over and spit shine the car before we were able to proceed through the gate, everything had to be just right and in order. I saw GI Joe in his military element and frankly, it was frightening. So glad I pull rank 'round the Zoo. :)

*Yet again I was faced with the unanswered question which is...why the heck do we live 18 hours+ from the nearest ocean? Seriously?!? I'm not one to point fingers but I'm blaming our parents for birthing and raising us and causing us to continue our roots in the great state of Iowa, smack dab in the middle of the country. Boring. Just kidding Iowa, I do love you but let's talk about adding an ocean, k?

The adventures didn't stop there, more to come.


  1. Sounds like fun-filled family time to me! I hope you don't give your whole trip away, I want to learn something on our Tropical Sno date. :)

  2. I was shocked & laughed out loud all at the same time when I read about Blade's 'comment' on your dolphin adventure!!
    Sounds like a FUN trip you had!! Now you will need a vacation from your vacation....

  3. Jessie-No worries, still so much to tell.
    Julie-We had the same reaction to Blade's comment. Where do kids come up with this stuff? And I totally need a post vacation vacation to recover. :)

  4. Boy, what a coincidence. My DD and I are planning a vacation to VA in August! A couple of days in the Shenandoah Valley, then on to Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, & Busch Gardens. We also plan to see the dolphins! But NOT the military bases. No, I'll have to shell out for an expensive hotel (on the beach - my choice, I know). Its hell being land locked in the midwest, but at least we have Lake Michigan out our window (not the same as an ocean, of course).

  5. Laurel-Enjoy! It's a great vacation spot. One piece of advice: For prime dolphin watching at a fraction of the cost, just go to one of the piers along Virginia Beach they are everywhere. We saw way more there than on the cruise. The cruise was fun...obviously, given Blade's reaction to it but there are other ways to see dolphins. ;)
    Have fun on your trip!