Monday, May 11, 2009

What's In Your Bathroom?

How about this?

Or maybe this?

A little of this perhaps?

So far we're on the same page. How about this?

No? You mean not everyone has a laundry baskets full of chicks and/or turkeys with a heat lamp above it in their bathroom. Weird....

This is H2 (Herky 2) and his yet to be named friend. Suggestions welcome. These 2 are turkeys and look just like Herky did when we brought him (her) over a year ago. RIP Herky. They are the current residents of the master bathroom.

Spring has sprung and that means lots of babies at the Zoo. Animal babies of course, that ship has more than sailed for this mama. It all started one spring about 5 years ago when I looked at our barren pond and decided it needed some ducks on it. I'd always, always wanted to have ducks on our pond. Sound familiar? OK, so GI Joe might've had a point when he accused me of crying "cow" or "duck" or "emu". Whatever. Anyway, off we went to the feed store to pick out a few ducks from the metal waterers full of adorable chicks and fluffy ducklings, just like on the Easter commercials. I was in heaven. We brought some ducklings home, gave them appropriate D names, and then set them up in the corner of our family room. I was just scared it wouldn't be safe for them outside yet and besides how would we make them tame if they were all the way outside? We, I mean I, tend to be a little overprotective, overzealous with our animals. I blame Animal Planet reality shows. Anyway, they stayed inside for about a week or so until it had warmed up enough outside that they'd be okay in a pen with their heat lamp. We have repeated this every spring since then and in recent years have gotten more adventurous and added turkeys and chicks to our spring additions. We're kind of like experts now.

Here is the this spring's previous resident of the bathroom before the turkeys takeover. Meet Stripey the chick who according to the sign at the feed store will lay Easter eggs. Awesome huh? He is no longer residing in our bathroom but has moved out into the Bunny Bungalow with the bunnies. Don't ask, but maybe we really will get Easter eggs out of the deal. Oh my goodness, I just had an epiphany. What if Stripey lays Reese's eggs? I think if anyone were to have a chicken that lays Reese's eggs it should be me. No one else has helped out the poultry population of the world AND the makers of the Reese's eggs quite like myself. Ok enough talk about Reese's eggs I'm now craving them and there's no getting them for another 11 months. Moving on, Stripey wasn't thrilled about his move out into the "world" as he had grown quite attached to us, his peeps. No pun intended. OK so it was intended,I can't help myself. He's quite social and when living in our bathroom would hop out of the laundry basket, strut over to where we were and stand on our feet, then if we'd lean down he'd hop on our hand and fly up to sit on our shoulder. Now when we open the door to the Bungalow he comes running over and tries to hop on our shoulder. This will make for great home videos if he continues to do this when he's a full grown chicken. P.S. I keep calling him a he but in reality we don't know yet. We're really hoping he is a she so she'll lay some Easter/Reese's eggs. Boy chickens don't do case you were wondering.

So as you brush your teeth in your fowl-free bathroom tonight think of me and the turkeys. And it's okay when you go to sleep tonight to dream of having your very own turkeys in your bathroom someday. And when that day comes I'll be here for you.


  1. Cool turkeys. Another blog I've been following is raising chickens (in a suburban neighborhood). What's going on with the cow request? Did you fulfill your 30 days?