Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Good Stuff

Please stop the hate mail regarding the lack of a new post since Wednesday. Life is busy I promise now that I'm 31 and much more mature and responsible I'll do better. :)
Letters from the Kenny Chesney concert.

Dear Miranda Lambert-You rocked as Kenny's opening act. I want your hair AND your pink guitar. Mmmkay...thanks. P.S. If you could marry my friend Doug that would be great too. I think you'd like hanging out with us. And yes, I realize that you are involved with Blake Shelton, but I have another friend, Marsha, willing to take him off your hands. You're welcome.

Dear Kenny-I thought things might be weird between us at the concert given the letter I sent to your house a few months ago. Thanks for not letting that happen. I saw you point and wave to Annette and I, (REALLY) so I'm glad to know we can move past the harsh words I said. I totally forgive you now, we're not mad at you anymore. You were awesome and even better than when we saw you 2 years ago. Maybe the raise in ticket prices made you work just a little bit harder? And what do I care about ticket prices since you gave me mine for FREE. You had me from hello Kenny. And yes, your tractor is sexy. P.S. Don't worry next time we come to see you in concert we will be much closer so you can get some more face time with us. I know you missed us being right there like you're used to.

Dear People Who Were Supposed to Sit in the Seats Next to Annette-Thanks for not showing up so we could take it upon ourselves to upgrade our seats from the nosebleed Section 303 to right next to our friends in MUCH better seats in the 200's section.

Dear Jerry-Thanks for not actually taking a nose dive over the railing of our section even though a few times I really thought you were gonna. You breaking your neck at the concert by falling 100 feet might've put a damper on the mood of the concert. As much as we love you we probably would've had to wait til the show was over to deal with your injuries. It was Kenny after all.

Dear Dallas Clark of the Indianapolis Colts-Thanks for coming on stage to sing my favorite Kenny song of all time, "Back Where I Come From" with him. When you first came on stage, I was like, "Oh who's this cute guy on stage with Kenny making him looking even smaller than usual?" I didn't have to wonder long as my friend Annette screamed "OMG it's Dallas Clark!" nearly hyperventilating so I knew he must be important. Luckily, GI Joe was on the other side and explained that Dallas Clark plays for the Indianapolis Colts and before that played for the Iowa Hawkeyes and was actually from Iowa. This was a very big deal to my die hard Hawkeye friends and husband. Did I mention you were adorable?

Dear GI Joe's Recruit Who Kept Being High Maintenance via Text Message During the Concert-Thanks for ruining the concert date night for my husband and I. You're just lucky I didn't take over the phone and tell you what's what. I did consider hurling GI Joe's Blackberry over the railing but stopped myself as it wasn't the Blackberry's fault you are a princess. All I have to say to you is "suck it up cupcake". P.S. Keep it up and you'll soon find out that the Prairie Princess can make those drill sergeants at basic training seem like teddy bears. Don't test me buddy.

Dear Dougie D-Thanks for entertaining us all, and by all I mean our entire section, with your fantastic dance moves. You've got the right stuff my friend.

Dear Nette-Thanks for keeping me company while my husband was dealing with the above mentioned Army princess. And for as usual, enjoying the entire concert experience as much as I did. Few really understand what a sacred experience seeing our favorites in concert is but you know.

And now the night in pictures...
Moments before Kenny took the stage. Can you feel the excitement? We take this picture at every monumental (ie: NKOTB) concert we attend.

And here he is from our vantage point. This was taken seconds after he looked up in our section, saw us waving at him, pointed, waved and said "Hey ya'll up there" directly to us. The people behind us and around us might've thought he was waving to them but let's be real here he was totally directing it to us. DUH.

Doug & Jerry. Notice the railing right in front of them. My fear was not unfounded.

The gang. Our album will be out in the fall.


  1. Oh I love the blog my friend it was worth the wait! Jerry really liked it too! I love Dallas, Kenny & NKOTB in case anyone forgot!!

  2. WOW! Thank God I didn't tick you off before I left for BCT last year. LOL.