Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Ramblings

If you're expecting an amusing and charming narrative from the prairie, check back tomorrow. For tonight though I have some random things I just need to get off my chest. I just have to say them.

*If I had to live with Kate from "Jon & Kate+8", I would probably also be photographed at all hours of the night with anyone but my spouse. That lady is something else. I'm not condoning extramarital affairs, but who could blame the guy? She treats him like he's one of the 8. Sorry all you Kate lovers out there, she's not my cup of tea. Actually, she kinda makes me want to drink something WAY stronger than tea. If I weren't a good Baptist obviously.

*The Office finale last Thursday night....oh my goodness! Pam is PREGNANT! I did not see that coming. I'm just glad the old Office is making a comeback, they nearly lost me for awhile with the whole direction they were going. They must've heard I was "this" close to writing a letter. Nice to have you back funny Office, so long not funny Office.

*GI Joe & I watched the Movie "Taken" the other night. Good movie, action packed. Several things I gleaned from the movie; 1) Summer trips to Paris w/ friends as a teenager are NOT happening for our kids. Sorry kids. 2) It's amazing how the main character was able to fight off 3 or 4 guys at a time throughout the entire movie. But during the most crucial point in the movie he had trouble with the one guy who stood between him & rescuing his daughter, who happened to be a little twerp, and no, he didn't know martial arts. This baffled me. 3) Lastly, I kinda wish I were Liam Neeson in that movie. I mean, this is a pasty white, nerdy, scrawny looking guy who was knocking guys out left and right and killing people with his bare hands. He was ruthless and awesome and I kinda wish I knew how to do that. Without the killer's guilt of course.

*Remember that little girl with the MAJOR crush on our Blade? Well, her mother is going to be the death of me. We've nicknamed her (the mom) the Bulldog. We gave her that nickname for a couple of very good reasons, one being that she looks/acts like a Bulldog, and the other because she has like 40 bulldogs, and I'm not exaggerating. Anyway, we get the honor of seeing the Bulldog at every one of Blade's soccer games because she has a son who plays on the same team. For some reason, she's drawn to us and has to speak to us every single time. And without fail, she manages to make my blood boil every time. Last week she insulted our emus (she's never met them she was just insulting emus in general) and this week she insulted our dog, Moose because he's "just a Lab". And he was sitting right there!! Oh uh uh, the nerve. This is an example of a time when being Liam Neeson would really come in handy, otherwise I think she may be able to take me.

*My sister Heidi told me this weekend that all of their friends are now blog fans! Can you believe that? People are actually reading this stuff?!? So this is a shout out to my KS readers...heeeey!!! Heidi tells me you all are anxious to meet me in person and see if my blog is really how I am. Sadly, it is, this is me. But to satisfy your curiousity, I'll work on arranging a blog meet and greet in the near future. I'll sign your laptops, it' ll be a grand time. Please provide Reese's eggs, that's my only celebrity demand.

*When Heidi told me about my KS readers she also told me about one in particular who after reading the "Ode to Bromance" post, declared that he wants to have a bromance. That is still making me giggle. I'm glad I'm able to not only entertain but inspire. It's what I aim to do. But seriously is there a website out there for that? Maybe that could be my next endeavor, a Bromance Hmmm...

*I'm watching the Survivor finale right now. Obviously, I'm rooting for JT, since he's a fellow country bumpkin AND a cattle rancher, and you know how I love cows. I'm just so giddy that Coach isn't in the final anything, I just wish he would be impaled by his dragon staff. Is that too harsh? I can't help myself, that guy is UNREAL. I really thought I was going to suffer from an aneurysm during Thursday night's episode and his award winning acting job with the injured back during the immunity challenge. GAG ME. And then when he recited a poem for his tribe at tribal council. DOUBLE GAG ME. I also thought it very telling that while everyone else had spouses, brothers, fathers, etc visit them for the reward challenge, he had his ASST. COACH visit him. Wow. Although I did tell GI Joe, that should he ever go on Survivor (which he'd like to and could probably win hands down), I will not be coming to visit but instead will send Dakota. As much as I'd miss him I'm just not sure I could handle the stench and the elements and the bugs. Nothing personal honey.

*For those of you wondering about the Cow Challenge, it's OVER. I won! A calf will be joining the zoo in the next couple of weeks. I'm picking out cribs and names and nursery themes. I'm thinking "The Cat & the Fiddle" for the nursery decor. That is the one with the cow jumping over the moon right? Oh boy that will totally flop if I'm thinking of the wrong nursery rhyme. Welcome to my world.

Tomorrow I promise to be back with something that a) makes sense and b) has a point. Never mind, it will still be my blog.

And that's all I have to say about that.


  1. Glad to hear about the cow challenge. You deserve it.

    I totally agree with you about Coach. What a pompass axx. And I thought the same thing about his loved one being his assistant coach.

    Well, if you're having a blog meet, I might have to make my first trip down your way. Of course, since you have so many fans now, I might not be able to get past security. lol.

    Have a good week.

  2. Congrats, momma! We're both going to be having new babies this summer! :) Loved your comment on my blog, BTW! NKOTB all the way! And I love the Church on White song, too. :)