Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stinko de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo brought many reasons to celebrate.
1) It's my sister Heidi's 32nd birthday. Just kidding she's only 28.
2) It's the 1 year anniversary of when I played a vital role as the official notary in the divorce of my twin soul Amanda's divorcio. Don't get me wrong I'm not typically a proponent of divorce, but in this case it was the best thing she could've ever done and I was happy to play a part, so sue me.
3) I wanted to expose my redneck family to a bit of culture and Cinco de Mayo seemed the perfect opportunity to "edumucate" 'em about another country and culture. That country is Mexico for those of you who were deprived of a mother like me. :)
4) Really, I just wanted to try out Pioneer Woman's Enchilada recipe, which by the way were muy delicioso.

So in honor of all these things we had a little Cinco de Mayo celebration right here at the zoo, Prairie Princess style. I whipped up some of PW's enchiladas, made some virgin margaritas that I served to my elementary aged children in special margarita glasses, borrowed some sombreros from work to make my family wear while we ate, and printed out fun facts about Mexico and Cinco de Mayo. I put the fun facts in a glass at the table, that we passed around and each person had to pull out a fact and read it out loud, while wearing a sombrero, eating an enchilada and drinking a virgin margarita. Corny? Yes, totally. Educational? Maybe a little. Totally awesome? ABSOLUTELY. Ok, so maybe my enthusiasm wasn't quite matched by the rest of the fam but they humored me. And yes, I realize that some might have issue with serving the children virgin margaritas in the cool glasses but it's how we roll. Don't worry we had a good talk about NOT going to school and telling everyone they had MARGARITAS for dinner last night. I don't need any more votes in the Worst Mother of the Year contest.
Because I am who I am, and live by the motto "If I don't take a picture of it, it didn't happen" I tortured the family with a few pictures.

She's not normally cross eyed but this is not the first time I've seen margaritas do this to someone.

These three amigos were obviously thrilled about the photo op OR they've had one too many margaritas.

GI Joe and I also discovered that our combined 8 years of Spanish classes in high school definitely paid off...or not. We were able to teach our kids only about 20 words between the 2 of us. Nope, that wasn't a waste of 8 years because I'm sure we can be considered bi-lingual given that we know how to say bathroom, how are you, and see you later.

Speaking of see you later...hasta la vista baby!

Next on the blog docket...the KENNY CONCERT. HEEEEY!!

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  1. Excuse "borrowed" the sombreros from work? Hmmmmmm.....

    Your Boss!