Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swine Flu Scare

I need to confess....I'm going to see Kenny Chesney tomorrow night. Yes, I know I said in this post that I wouldn't be going to support him. Actually, I said I would not BUY a ticket to his concert. I think my letter helped because Kenny gave 100 free tickets to the IA National Guard to be given away to the soldiers. All interested soldiers went into a drawing and GUESS WHOSE NAME WAS DRAWN? That's right GI Joe! Because of his generous gesture I'm no longer mad at Kenny. I'm sure he read my letter and figured this was a good way to make up for his previous behavior. Karma baby karma.

I hope I'm well enough to go though. I think I might have swine flu.

I called the vet last week because of these girls....

Pigxie the Pork Princess & Squeaks

I needed to know how I would know if they had swine flu and would infect me, since I've been doing all the chores due to the Cow Challenge and have had the most contact with them. My friend, Jill who is the vet tech at our vet's office answered my call and for some reason didn't take me very seriously. The vet was out at a farm doing some business with some bulls or some craziness like that. I asked her to page him as this was a bit of an emergency. Again, she denied my request and instead kept giggling at me. She assured me that since my pigs haven't been to Mexico (they did just get back from Jamaica but no stops in Mexico thankfully) and that since they are pet pigs and not in a hog confinement, we should not be concerned. And then because she is a professional she told me not to touch them if they are acting sick. Duh. I think they are healthy for the most part, I don't know though, they are pretty lethargic, oh wait that's just normal. Can you believe the vet never called me back?!? How rude. I'm sure it was added to my file though, right next to the turkey pink eye and bunny pneumonia, that the Dr. pulls out on rainy days for a good laugh.
But I can't help but wonder if maybe Jill was wrong and they really do have it and have infected me. I just haven't felt great the past few days and every time I look in the mirror this is what I see...
I think I should call my doctor and have him meet me in the parking lot right away. Wouldn't you agree? Don't panic though and please,please don't let this stop you from having bacon for breakfast tomorrow. I'm a tough farm girl swine flu won't get me down.


  1. mad photoshop skillz, gf!

  2. Heather (spike)May 7, 2009 at 7:18 AM

    WOW!! That picture is hilarious!!

  3. Holly, I about peed my pants when I got to the bottom, you missed your calling as a professional blogger!