Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Camera Nazi Strikes Again

Here's a brief overview of our Easter tradition, in this scenario I assume the role of Easter Camera Nazi (ECN).

-Get up way too early

-Find Easter baskets by following the "tracks" the bunny leaves behind that always start at the fireplace. Santa, the Easter Bunny, same diff. The Easter Bunny has HUGE paws, or should I say paw as it was a one paw track.

-Read note left by crackhead Easter Bunny. This year's note was left in Blade's pumpkin Easter basket (that's right Easter pumpkin ) and read:

Thanks for keeping me on my toes by mixing it up with the pumpkin Easter basket! Wait, do I even have toes? Anyway, rockin' Easter basket, orange is my favorite for obvious reasons. See you next year. Hoppy Easter.


Crackhead I tell you.

-Begrudgingly, get dressed in the color coordinated outfits that the ECN picked out after deciding on a color scheme for the year. This year's theme? Blue and brown. It's a sickness.

-Get really REALLY grouchy when the ECN INSISTS on taking pictures of the 3 littles prior to leaving for church. Can't you just feel the love?

-Get to church in time for the "sonrise" breakfast beginning at 8:30 a.m. Suggest possibly moving future sonrise breakfast to sonset. Idea rejected.

-Easter Camera Nazi takes more pictures, this time threatening withholding food unless she receives full cooperation. Please note, all smiles are forced only by hunger.

-Eat breakfast while being extra cautious not to get anything on the Easter attire for fear of the ECN. A full tummy makes for slightly more cooperative photo subjects. Well, that and $1 each.

-Endure MORE pictures after church but not without constant whining and complaining (even from GI Joe) during each picture taken. ECN was not deterred and called for back up so she could even be in a picture or two. (Thanks Trisha!)

-Hastily, rip Easter clothes off before ECN strikes with her camera again. Fortunately, she's moved on to other subjects. Nothing is safe from her camera lens.
As the kids were getting ready for bed on Easter night, I heard Ryder say to Blade, "Well, there's good news and bad news." Blade: "What's the good news?" Ryder: "Mommy promised not to take ANY pictures of us tomorrow! Blade: "Yay! So what's the bad news?" Ryder: "She'll be right back at it the next day." Deep sighs and scene. Oh how they know me. Someday they'll thank me for photo documenting all these memories, especially the ones made on this holy holiday right? RIGHT? Right. Well, maybe not the chickens, that might've crossed the line.
Hopping Off,
Prairie Princess aka Easter Camera Nazi

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