Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Smokin' Day

Meet Amanda. My dear, sweet, friend Amanda. We work together, have kids the same(ish) age and gender, and have very similar interests including but not limited to: shopping, shoes, sushi, and Bon Jovi. We are twin souls, a quiz we took on the internet said so. And if the internet says it, it must be gospel right?

Please note that mine is a VIRGIN strawberry daiquiri, as for Amanda, well, not smoking may have driven her to drink. Also note to Amanda, we need to do a photo shoot this is so outdated.
A few years ago, Amanda decided she was going to quit smoking. I, of course, was all for this and may have “helped” her make that decision. Because I count Amanda as one of the coolest people I know, I couldn’t bear the thought of her w/ yellowing teeth, blackened lungs, or smoker’s cough, so I took it upon myself to be her smoke free mentor. Trust me it was totally unsolicited, but it’s what I do. Amanda is a very low key, laid back girl who does not really enjoy being the center of attention. You can see why we’re twin souls right? Because I’m exactly like that…except not.

As you can imagine, I took my self appointed job as her Smoke Free Mentor VERY seriously. This was life and death we were dealing with here. And no, I don’t over dramatize much, why do you ask? She had declared that on her 28th birthday she would start her quest to be smoke free. I appreciate declarations so in the days leading up to her smoke free D Day I posted this sign on her desk as pre game inspiration. Obviously, I’m not above using graphic images to try and motivate.

When she came into work the morning of her 28th birthday, among the balloons and streamers, she found these 2 things.

Her personal guide to a smoke free life and a purse sized motivational tool, in pink..duh.

In the smoke free guide were pictures and info like this.

Not to blow my own smoke here (no pun intended, ok you know me well enough to know it was totally intended) but I was even so kind as to map out dates and times of when she would start to feel the effects of her newfound healthy lifestyle. I do remember telling her not to be discouraged after one year of quitting because pretty much nothing new happens til year 5. If only every smoker could have a Smoke Free Mentor like me.

And this one took the cake. I still believe it would’ve been much more effective if I would’ve been allowed to photo shop cigarettes into the mouths of her adorable children. My editor vetoed me on the cigs. Even still, who needs a nicotine patch when you've got kid induced guilt?

Then there was the purse motivator. This was so that when she was at the mall or wherever and felt the urge for a smoke, instead of reaching into her purse for her Virginia Slims*, she could reach into her purse for this beauty. (*Sidenote: Pretty sure she did NOT smoke Virginia Slims. In fact, do ANY hard core smokers smoke those? They seem a bit wussy to me.) I tried to cover all the bases. It included quips like this:

Written ‘specially for Amanda by yours truly as evidenced by the pathetic rhyming.

I am happy to report that today marks Amanda’s FOUR YEAR SMOKE FREE ANNIVERSARY! I like to think I had a lil’ something to do with it, but let’s be honest mostly it was Amanda and her amazing willpower. The girl went cold turkey and surprisingly enough, did NOT kill, injure or maim anyone during the process, and even remained relatively pleasant. Even more shocking than being smoke free for four years is that EVEN after the motivational tools I provided, the disabling of her badge at work so she couldn’t get to the smoke shack, along with the daily…ahem…encouragement I provided, we are STILL friends. I told you she’s the coolest.

Congratulations (and Happy Birthday) Twin Soul! I’m so proud of you and your not so black anymore lungs!

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  1. Amanda really does rock! Four years smoke free! That's awesome. And wow, PP, you'll stop at nothing! =)