Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School's Out for the Summa

Hi! Long time no talk. I realized the other day that if I didn't get back to posting normal (relatively speaking) entries and just Food Friday entries this could be misconstrued as a food blog and I can't let that happen. So here I am. I blame my lack of regular posts on the end of school year festivities and by festivities I mean, all the projects and assignments that require as much if not more participation from parents than they do the kids. I feel like I should dig out my 3rd and 4th grade report cards from 1986 just to prove that I've ALREADY PASSED THEM AND DON'T NEED TO REDO THEM. Seriously, upper elementary is a lot of work for us parents. I am so ready for a break from projects, assignments, sports schedules and practices and washing socks. Yes, washing socks. My boys will not wear flip flops to school when it's warm out because it will hinder their recess kickball abilities. But now that school's out the socks can be put away and it's flip flops and bare feet from here on out. Thank you, Jesus. I tell you all that to say, I'm so glad it's SUMMER and I just *may* have time to blog again. It's on my Summer Fun Bucket List right along with the Valley Junction Farmer's Market and the Trestle Bridge.  Oh yes, there's a Summer Fun Bucket List.  You do know who you're talking to right? 

A few items of note:

*I have a new nephew, Jensen Daniel who was born on Mother's Day.  He's happily residing in TN with his family and patiently waiting for me to come meet him, in 36 days.  Not that I'm counting down or anything.  36 days?!?  Do you know what kind of torture this is to have to wait a month and a half to meet and smell him?  Uggh.  I'd show you a picture but please see above.......I HAVEN'T TAKEN ANY YET.  I would post one that my sister Hilary, has sent me but just trust me when I say he's ADORABLE. 

*We went to a real, live, drive in movie theater the other night with my twin soul, Amanda and her family.  It is one of 4 remaining drive in's in Iowa and I'm pretty sure it is exactly the same now as it was in the 50's and 60's.  In a word....awesome.  Amanda and I kept looking around for Danny Zuko, you know since he got stranded at the drive in and all but never did see him.  Please tell me you know what I'm talking about, otherwise I'm not sure if we can continue our blogging relationship.   We saw the movie "The Avengers" (again for everyone else, first time for me) and just had a great time hanging out pretending we were wearing poodle skirts.  It was a perfect evening and I'm now a teensy a bit obsessed with seeing every movie at the drive in.  It's not just going to a movie, it was a 5+ hour experience.  I asked GI Joe if we could put a drive in in our back pasture, he has yet to get back to me on that proposal yet, I'll keep you posted.

*Is 34 too old to be embracing the 80's neon resurgence that has been taking place lately?  And is there such thing as too much neon pink?  No to both?  Great, that's what I thought too.  Because neon pink?  I can't quit it.  And i bought this skirt and a neon pink shirt to go with it and I'm not sorry.  If you see me while I'm wearing this ensemble it'd probably be best if you had protective eyewear on and please do not look directly at me for an extended period of time.  For your safety. 

*It's been one of those days where I've been irritateable since the minute I got up and it's gotten progressively worse throughout the day.  No, that's not a misspelling that's Irri-tate-able which is a word GI Joe made up a long time ago that means more severe than just plain irritable.  It's serious, folks.  I kinda just wanted to bite people's heads off.  Instead I came home and made cupcakes, oh and screamed and yelled at the automated political survey call I got while making dinner.  THAT my friends, made me feel better.  Try it.  Added bonus: After witnessing me SCREAMING like a banshee into the phone not realizing it was a recording, my kids were pretty sure I had snapped and were quite cooperative and pleasant the rest of the night.  #winning

*The season finale of "Duck Dynasty" is tonight after a much too short season and that makes me sad.  The bright side is that it's 2 new episodes tonight.  I'll miss Phil and Si and their nuggets of wisdom.  But they'll live on through the offseason at the Koons Zoo as we continue to talk about sissy spirals and say "hey" and "jack" after every other word.  Quality TV at it's finest. 

*Last night on our 18 mile walk (not an exaggeration AT ALL) through the countryside past field after field filled with mama cows and their babies, I announced to GI Joe that I had baby fever.  You can imagine his, umm, trepidation and shock as that ship has sailed for us.  I mean, we're in the home stretch to an empty nest!  He breathed a big sigh of relief when I clarified and told him my baby fever was for baby CALVES not human.  I WANT BABY CALVES, a whole herd of them.  I want to be cattle ranchers.  He kinda burst my bubble when he informed me that cattle ranchers don't name their calves or pet them regularly or tie pretty bows and ribbons around their necks and lead them around with a sparkly wand.  WHAT?!?!  But you know what I say to that?  I'll be the first! Oh and we're not eating them either.  It's a whole new kind of cattle ranching and I'm sure it will be super profitable.  Move over Marlboro Man, there's a new cattle rancher in town. 

Another Food Friday tomorrow where I shall give you a recipe for crack.  Yes, crack.   You just never know what you're gonna get on this blog.  Stay tuned. 


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