Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's My Birthday I'll Post A Self Indulgent Video if I Want To

This may come as a complete surprise to many of you but today is MY BIRTHDAY!  I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to my birthday and don't really tell too many people about it.  And if you believe that I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.  I've been celebrating my birthday month since May 1st and every evening this week, my birthday week,  I"ve eaten my dinner off of these plates..

I'm a joy to live with in the month of May. 

As much as I enjoy my birthday month and week, I am kinda freaking about the number...34.  I mean, 34?!?  How did this happen?  How did I get on this side of 35 so fast?  I realized the other day that I only have one more year of checking the 29-34 box on surveys and questionaires and then I graduate to the 35-42 box and I just don't think I'm mentally ready for that.  Also, I can no longer round down, meaning I'm no longer "early" 30's, oh no, now I'm MID thirties.  And 34 is only one year away from 35 and 35 is halfway to 40! 40!!  I can't be *almost* 40, I just can't, I still love sparkly, pink things, cotton candy, do irresponsible things like drive past the gas station and then run out of gas,  and singing and( trying) to dance  loudly to New Kids on the BLock just like I did at 14.  I'm just not mature enough to be almost 40.  Heaven help me. 

Can you imagine what a barrel of fun I'll be next year when I'm actually turning 35, which is basically 40?!?


Since it's my birthday and I'm going to desperate measures to avoid a complete mental breakdown regarding my ever increasing age, I'm going to post this video that my sister made for me.  It may seem a bit self indulgent to post a Happy Birthday video that she made for me on my blog but it's my blog and I'll post it if I want to.  ANd besides, haven't you heard?  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!  This video makes me happy, everything from the long forgotten pictures to the New Kids serenading me with "Happy Birthday."  I just love it.  Enjoy because it's MY BIRTHDAY AND I SAID SO.  :)

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